Stefano De Martino, Belen Rodriguez as Emma: quotes Bella soulless after the farewell

Belen Rodriguez, Stefano De Martino breaks the silence and talks about the alleged crisis

On Instagram, Belen Rodriguez the same song by Emma Marrone after the end of love with Stefano De Martino.

After farewell to Stefano De Martino, Belen Rodriguez quotes Bella soulless as Emma Marrone had done at the end of her love story with Amici's former dancer. It was 2012 when Stefano fell in love with Belen on the Maria De Filippi show. At the time he was still tied to the singer, while Argentina was in a relationship with Fabrizio Corona. The love story came to light, dragging the Apulian artist to the center of the gossip and she replied publicly, singing, without friends, Bella soulless.

While Belen and Stefano were behind the scenes of the program, very much in love, Marrone, back from the great success obtained at the Sanremo Festival, decided to sing the song. "Given the events, it will be my official press conference – he said, referring to the new report of his now ex -: I never choose by chance, I chose it to exorcise a lot of things". Since then several years have passed and many things have changed. Emma has passed the end of the love story with De Martino and has gone on, collecting one success after another, but also making peace with the past. Stefano and Belen, after the wedding and the birth of Santiago, broke up and then went back together again.

Until a few months ago it seemed that the couple was stainless, so much so that there was talk of a second child, but the crisis has come to wipe out all the certainties. Today Rodriguez and De Martino are further away than ever, divided by kilometers – he in Naples, she in Milan -, but also by long silences and gossip. The last (strongly denied by the Made In Sud conductor), concerns an alleged relationship with Alessia Marcuzzi with whom she collaborated years ago on the Island of the Famous. Beyond the fake news, Belen's suffering is undeniable and shines through in every Instagram post that, voluntarily or not, seems to be directed to her ex-husband.

"And now sit down …", we read accompanying a shot that portrays a chair. A post that seems to be directed to Stefano De Martino and that quotes Bella senz'anima, the same song chosen years ago by Emma to say goodbye to the conductor.

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