Stefano De Martino changes the bio of Instagram: dig at Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino e Belen Rodriguez, Nina Moric svela un retroscena

Stefano De Martino surprisingly changes the Instagram bio and throws a dig at Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino changes the Instagram bio and throws a dig at Belen Rodriguez. The former Amici dancer used, once again, the weapon of irony to respond to those who criticize him, describing him only as "Belen's ex". His social profile has over four million followers and the host surprised everyone by changing personal information in a different way than usual. "Neapolitan, class 89 – we read -, less famous conductor than Pippo Baudo, less famous dancer than Roberto Bolle, less famous companion of his ex".

Reading that "his ex" it is impossible not to think of Emma Marrone, but above all of Belen Rodriguez. The showgirl and the host met behind the scenes of Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2012. The following year they married and the couple had created a family with the arrival of Santiago. After the breakup, a year ago Belen and Stefano had decided to try again, but things did not go as they hoped. Today, after a painful farewell, the former dancer is single again, while Belen smiles again next to Antonino Spinalbese.

It is not yet clear what happened between the ex, nor what their relationships are currently, and perhaps the only one who really knows is Maria De Filippi, friend and mentor of the host. “I have an excellent relationship with him. I know how it is done – she explained to the weekly Gente -. His normalcy is to make trouble, if he doesn't mess it up it's not him. And I know perfectly well that every time he comes to see me he is about to make new ones […] Stefano is a very special boy – he had told -, he has the ability to be forgiven for the unforgivable, he did it with me too: he had I also have a story with another Amici dancer, she made me want to sell… This time I don't know how it will end with Belén, but it may be that they will get back together, you never know with him. Because Stefano makes a mess and then arrives with that face there, with that smile there, with that spoken one and you forgive him ”.

De Martino has always rejected the gossip about possible flirtations, but recently he was paparazzi in the company of Mariacarla Boscono. Born in 1980, actress and model, she would have been the one to steal his heart after the separation. In the meantime, new hypotheses are emerging on Stefano's television future, who has become one of the most beloved faces of Rai thanks to the management of Made In Sud and Tonight everything is possible.

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