Stefano Tacconi hospitalized, the love of the children on Instagram for his most difficult match

Surrounded by the love of his family, Stefano Tacconi is fighting for life: the messages of his children are touching

The health conditions of Stefano Tacconi, the historic Juventus goalkeeper who has been hit by an illness in the past few hours, are of great concern. Hospitalized with ischemia, he is fighting the toughest battle of him. And he does it surrounded by the affection of the wonderful family: his children have shared some social messages that have touched our hearts.

Stefano Tacconi, the love of children

In this painful moment, Stefano Tacconi can count on the love of his family and of the people closest to him. There are many messages that he has received from the fans, from the many friends and colleagues with whom he has shared a long and brilliant career in the world of football. Next to him there is, of course, his wife Laura Speranza: in love for more than 30 years, they got married in 2011 and welcomed 4 wonderful children with great joy. It is they, in these difficult hours, who give support and love to their father, huddling around him.

Andrea Tacconi, the eldest son, wanted to share a very tender message for Stefano on Instagram: “Take back popes, you are a lion, you will win this battle too” – he wrote among his stories, at the bottom of a splendid photo that portrays them together, embracing each other and smiling. Then, addressing the many fans who have spent a thought for his father, he added: “You are really many, thank you all”. The rusts of the past are now buried, only a great love remains that united them even in the professional field. Thanks to their common passion, in fact, they have given life to a winery that continues to enjoy great success.

Virginia, the eldest of her daughters, has also chosen social media to dedicate a message of love to her father: “Come back to me” – he wrote simply, publishing a beautiful photo in which she is close in on her Instagram stories. a sweet hug with Stefano. Their suffering is great in these days of uncertainty and fear. Only love can relieve this immense pain, and they are receiving so much of it as a balm to their heart.

Stefano Tacconi children

Stefano Tacconi, the messages of the children

Stefano Tacconi, the sudden illness

The conditions of Stefano Tacconi, who is currently hospitalized in a reserved prognosis in the neurosurgery department of the Alessandria hospital, appear to be quite serious. The former goalkeeper was struck by an ischemia in the early hours of Saturday 23 April, quite suddenly. The previous evening he was in Asti, for a charity dinner aimed at raising funds for the Italian Red Cross. He was in the company of his son Andrea, with whom he had spent wonderful moments of great fun.

The next morning, after breakfast, Stefano began to suffer from a severe headache. Having also gone on a journey, his conditions rapidly worsened until he fainted. And at that moment the rescue was alerted: taken to the hospital in Asti, the doctors considered it appropriate to immediately transfer him to Alessandria, where some specialists could have taken care of him. According to the latest medical bulletin, which Andrea shared on Instagram, Tacconi is currently in “still important but stationary conditions”. In many hours they gather around him and his family, in the hope that he will soon recover and finally return home.

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