Stop wasting them every day, with these tricks you save hundreds of euros a month

Stop wasting: every day you throw a lot of money and you don’t notice it! With these simple tricks you will save hundreds of euros every month, absurd not to have thought about it before!

The food waste is one of the biggest problems of this era. Despite inflation, in fact, we continue to throw away precious food (in every sense).

Food waste

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Just think that every year in Europe about 153 million tons of food are wasted.

Considering that we import about 15 million tons less of this figure, we can say without doubt that we waste more than we import.

Obviously – it seems almost useless to say – a single citizen could not solve this huge problem alone, but it is the union that is strength and if each of us managed in his own small way to do something, the situation could already begin to change (at least to improve).

That said, what can you do to try and tackle food waste? Here are some solutions that will allow you to save and help the Planet.

How to fight food waste (and save a lot of money)

We can try in our small way to combat food waste in many ways: there are so many solutions to be adopted every day.

Food waste

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Let’s start with a food that we usually consume often and that children also generally like: Bananas.

Their problem is that they ripen too quickly, becoming black in no time. How can we overcome this problem? Just wrap the stem in some aluminum. Basically, just take what you probably already have at home and the game will be done. If you realize that it is too late, however, and that by now your banana has turned completely black, do not worry: instead of throwing it away and wasting it, try to blend it and drink it like this, it is delicious.

In this period we also know that one of the biggest problems facing society is the scarcity of water resources. What can you do in your little one?

If in your city there is the so-called water house – that is, the station that delivers drinking water – use it: buy a water bottle (they can also be found on the internet and are very cheap) and go and fill it there. With the health insurance cardyou will have at your disposal well 6 liters of water 100% free. By doing so you will essentially save time and money.

Then if you usually throw the retina of citrus fruits, know that you are wrong: you can turn it into an abrasive sponge. Just take a piece of it, wrap it around itself to form a sort of circle and you can use it to clean your pots and so on.

When you go to dinner or lunch outdon’t throw away what you can’t finish: ask the waiter to prepare the so-called doggy bag. In this way you will be able to take home what you have not eaten and consume it.

If in the fridge then you have some milk that is about to expiredo not throw it: take the ice molds and pour it over. You will be able to use it by 3 months.

For your plants, instead, you could use i coffee and tea grounds instead of fertilizer: in this way you will not have to spend anything, also because these are probably things you have at home, so you will also save a lot.

Also, if you are afraid that your food or drinks will spoil in the fridge, know that you can simply buy of reusable films: in this way you will never run the risk of having to throw away what you do not consume.


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If by any chance you haven’t bought them yet and you’ve eaten moldy food, here’s what could happen to you.

So now you know how you can fight food waste in your little one and save money at the same time: as you may have noticed, it’s really easy.