Such and what Show, Carlo Conti positive leads him from home


Carlo Conti will be there for "Tale e Quali Show". The positive presenter at Covid will lead the program from home. At his side Giorgio Panariello

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Although he was positive at Covid, Carlo Conti will be there for the episode of Tale and Quali Show broadcast on Friday 30 October on Rai Uno. The official confirmation came directly from state TV.

Carlo Conti will conduct his program from home in Florence, where he is in solitary confinement after the announcement of having contracted the coronavirus. He will always be at the helm of Tale and Which Show, even if this time from a distance. And for the occasion supported in the studio by his longtime friend Giorgio Panariello, one of the three judges.

After the victory of Pago, who graduated as “Champion of Tale and Which Show 10 ', from this seventh appointment and until the final on 13 November from the' Fabrizio Frizzi 'television studios in Rome we will see the best 6 artists of this tenth edition as protagonists (in addition to Pago there will be Virginio, Barbara Cola, Carolina Rey, Giulia Sol and Sergio Muniz) and last year's best 4, Agostino Penna, Francesco Monte, Lidia Schillaci and Jessica Morlacchi.

Everyone will be hunting for the title of 'Champion of Such and Which Show 2020': in three weeks they will have to give the best of themselves, as always trying to imitate in all respects the big names in national and international music assigned to them. There will be 3 first evenings to be enjoyed because in practice there will be the performances (always live and live, accompanied by the bases and arrangements made by the master Pinuccio Pirazzoli) of those who have distinguished themselves most in the last two editions of the program, which also this year confirmed its prime time ratings.

As usual, the protagonists will be judged by Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme, now three more than firm points of 'Such and Which Show'. Exceptional judge, the actor and director Carlo Verdone. Fixed presence, Gabriele Cirilli.

The regulation: at the end of each episode, thanks to the sum of the two votes (that of the jurors and that of the protagonists themselves), the winner of the evening will be decreed; the general classification, given by the sum of the total votes, will then lead to the election of the final winner. The 10 participants are followed, throughout their journey, by tutors: the "vocal coach" Maria Grazia Fontana, Dada Loi and Matteo Becucci, and the "actor coach" Emanuela Aureli.

So, everything is ready for the next episode of Tale and Which Show. Meanwhile, fans and colleagues gather around Carlo Conti on Instagram with messages for a speedy recovery. Antonella Clerici dedicates a Story to the presenter, while Mara Venier simply comments: “Carlo… Carlo… Carlo… ..❤️”. And someone replies: "@mara_venier You are special Aunt Mara ❤️❤️❤️ your affection for others is never indifferent to me ❤️❤️❤️".

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