Such and what Show, Giulia Sol in the storm after the imitation of Alessandra Amoroso

Such and what Show, Giulia Sol in the storm after the imitation of Alessandra Amoroso

Giulia Sol ended up in the storm after her imitation of Alessandra Amoroso at "Tale e Quali Show"

Tale and Which Show, from Pago to Carmen Russo: the most beautiful imitations to review

Giulia Sol ended up in the storm after imitating Alessandra Amoroso at Tale and Which Show. During the last episode of the program conducted by Carlo Conti, Gulia transformed herself into the Apulian artist, singing Mambo Salentino. However, her performance has sparked a hive of controversy and many have criticized her on the web. The actress vented on Instagram, revealing that she had received insults and threats after her performance. “It wasn't an easy weekend, not at all – he said – […] My performance went viral. At first, when I saw that it ended up on a page of trash, I took it to laugh. The problem is when I began to review thousands, thousands, thousands of threats, insults, insults. Some people wished me death for doing an imitation in a program that is a game. I kept a press blackout about it because I didn't experience it well at all. It has become very very heavy to a certain extent ”.

Giulia Sol immediately received the support of Alessandra Amoroso who was close to her and helped her in this difficult moment. Many colleagues and friends also defended the actress and competitor of Tale and Which Show. "It would be nice if the people who comment on the performances of 'Tale and Which Show' had a penny of his skill and stage presence – wrote Flora Canto, companion of Enrico Brignano -. All phenomena behind a keyboard and certainly p *** and on stage. I, dear Giulia Sol, make you my compliments, not only because you have an extraordinary voice, but because you get involved even when the going gets tough ”. Giulia also received messages of affection from Francesca Manzini: "Working with Giulia, I can say that she is delightful and talented and it is not fair that she, young and new on TV, is so massacred," said the imitator.

On his side also Carolina Rey, the former Rai Gulp presenter. "Many people have nothing to do but write bad things – he explained, defending the competitor of Tale and Which Show -. Giulia Sol is a great talent, she has a crazy voice and an incredible stage presence. Elegant, polite, witty, keep it up ”.

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