Sunday Live, Ivano's story after the stroke and 15 days of coma

Domenica Live, il racconto di Ivano dopo l’ictus e 15 giorni di coma

Ivano Michetti, guitarist of the Cousins ​​of the Countryside, told Domenica Live about the stroke that hit him and the 15 days of coma he faced

Ivano Michetti, guitarist of the famous band the Cugini di Campagna, is facing a really difficult period. To tell the story, in connection from the hospital with Barbara D’Urso on Domenica Live, it is he who recently suffered a stroke. News that, despite the passage of time, arrives like a bolt from the blue: the artist, in fact, has dealt with everything with great confidentiality. In the studio, however, his wife Rossella who was able to provide all the details of the path that her husband is facing.

Moments of real fear those following the illness of Ivano Michetti, which occurred on 22 September last. To tell what happened, Rossella, the first to realize that her husband needed help and to provide him with immediate assistance calling for help immediately. The next few weeks were extremely complicated, in which hope mixed with fear. The guitarist, in fact, was diagnosed with a stroke and, soon after, he went into a coma for fifteen days. He also underwent a double heart operation.

Luckily Ivano reacted well to the therapies and is slowly recovering. Now that he is much better, he wanted to reassure all his fans by speaking in first person in front of the cameras, albeit from the bed of the motor rehabilitation center which, still today, hosts him.

I have my right arm and right leg to recover. It was a miracle. I am not inclined to cry – he said visibly moved – but you Barbara reminded me of everything.

Ivano, who at this moment cannot see anyone for safety reasons, turned to his wife Rossella who would only like to be able to hug again after this very long period of absence. He sweetly gave her romantic compliments:

Love, how beautiful you are, how much I would like to hug you again.

A smile was born on Michetti's face when he saw his wife again. To feed him, also the memories of the successes obtained during his career as a guitarist of the Cousins ​​of the Countryside. Ivano then forcefully invited all viewers to take care of themselves by avoiding bad habits. And finally he made a promise: he will try to recover as quickly as possible in order to finally be a guest in Barbara D’Urso's studio. And there is no doubt, thanks to his determination he will be able to keep it.

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