Tale and Which Show, Serena Enardu comments on the success of Pago


Serena Enardu comments on the success of former partner Pago to "Tale e Quali Show"

Tale and Which Show, from Pago to Carmen Russo: the most beautiful imitations to review

Serena Enardu comments on the success of Pago a Tale and Quali Show. The singer triumphed in the program conducted by Carlo Conti, showing all his talent. A real revenge for the Sardinian artist who in the last period had made people talk more for his sentimental stories than for the music. Pago was linked for several years to Miriana Trevisan with whom he had his son Nicola, later he lived a love story with Serena Enardu, from whom he separated at the end of Temptation Island. The former U&D tronist and the singer are back together with the GF Vip and then part ways once again on Instagram.

Having landed at Tale and Which Show, Pacifico Settembre made sparks, demonstrating his great skill. Also commenting on his performances was the former Serena Enardu who confessed to having cheered for him. “His talent was obvious to me – he told Super TV Guide – but he had little chance of being able to show it and put himself to the test. Today Pago is a stronger person and in my opinion this experience has also improved him ". Serena then confessed to being on good terms with the ex. “Yes we are on good terms, but I prefer not to talk about my relationship with Pay – he said – […] I confess that I would also like to participate in Dancing with the stars. I am denied dancing but it would amuse me ”.

Pago himself commented on the experience of Tale and Which Show. "I was here to participate, to have fun – he said -, because like Carlo Conti, the man who bet on me, he has repeatedly said:" FINALLY SINGING ". I was here to try to reach all of you with only my artistic abilities, if they ever made themselves seen, felt, even with the most hidden ones, those that not even I knew I had. I said that I would be happy if only I was understood as such – he added – and if only I came to be appreciated for what this wonderful program allows you to show … here, like this, without thinking about the race, not because I don't like it. to arrive first, certainly not, but simply because I just wanted to show myself at my best without those conditioning that make you lose the true sense of such participation, also because then you are not the only one there are others, those with their performances and … how many were sensational ".

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