Tara and Cristian, all about the wedding of the ex of U&D

Tara and Cristian, all about the wedding of the ex of U&D

The date is approaching and we will reveal to you where and how one of the most loved couples of Maria de Filippi's reality show will marry

These weddings – finally – are busy and will be done.

Tara Gabrielletto and Cristian Gallella, one of the most loved and followed couples of men and women, after having postponed the marriage for almost a year – first a family problem of hers, then a severe crisis of the two, finally the participation in the Island of the Famous di Cristian- will marry on September 2 in the San Domenico Estate in Capua, in the province of Caserta

All unveiled and documented by Tara and Cristian themselves on social media, where in recent weeks they post photos and tell about the preparations.

A month ago, in early July, Tara was anticipating on Facebook.

The big day is approaching and the preparations continue … Curious? We can only tell you: a cut to the past for a new future!

Then the confirmation a month ago from the same Instagram account of the estate:

Our friends @ cristian_gallella_83 and @gabrielettotara choose the San Domenico estate for the excellence and quality of the products

Tara then posted on Instagram a week ago a photo together with two staff girls and the caption

Because in your estate it is like staying at home … you still get up with a pillow-shaped face and immediately you get a "good morning", but not the usual good morning, a good morning that fills the day, a good morning that is equivalent to a hug , a special good morning .. as special as you are.

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