Taste in pregnancy and dysguesia: causes, symptoms and remedies

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Pregnancy taste is altered by many facts: here are the causes, symptoms and remedies of dysguesia

One of the major symptoms of pregnancy is the alteration of taste. In particular, the so-called dysguesia occurs, a medical term that indicates the perception of a metallic taste in the mouth starting from the first trimester of pregnancy. It is a difficult sensation to describe that involves the palate above all. Most of the time you feel more strongly after drinking a glass of water, causing a strange aftertaste that women often associate with birthmarks, making a mistake. Many mothers-to-be report the feeling of having coins in their mouths, not by chance the disguesia is defined: "metal mouth".

The causes of disguesia

What causes disguesia? It is caused by hormones, particularly estrogens, which increase during pregnancy, affecting the perception of flavors and odors. Another cause is water retention which increases blood volume causing edema and swelling. According to some research, the metallic taste in the mouth would be a typical sign of pregnancy and would help the mother to choose the foods that are good for the baby, protecting it from any harmful foods.

How to treat dysguesia in pregnancy

As soon as you feel the disguesy it is essential to contact your doctor, who will have to make sure that this problem is a symptom of pregnancy and not of other diseases. To eliminate the metallic taste, vinegar-based foods can be particularly useful, such as pickles, but also those with ginger, chips with salt, green apples, baking soda, acid and spicy dishes, water and salt solutions. Among the beverages are those based on oranges and lemons. A small "trick" is also to eat a cracker at the end of a meal to attenuate the unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Finally it can be useful to maintain good oral hygiene, using a mint mouthwash and chewing sugar-free gums. Usually the dysguesia is attenuated starting from the second trimester, in this period in fact the hormones stabilize, the sensation of metallic taste decreases and ends completely with the approaching birth.

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