Tasty milk swirls: few ingredients and no oven, you will love them

Just a few ingredients, with the right dosage, are enough to prepare amazing milk swivels and everyone will thank us

A different breakfast and snack, because they are prepared with our hands. Just knead these tasty milk swivels, simple both in terms of dough and cooking.



A very light delight, within everyone’s reach.

Tasty milk swirls: good for the freezer

We give you a large dose of ingredients to satisfy the whole family: the delicious milk swivels can also be frozen when cooked. Let’s put them in single freezer bags and when it’s time let’s heat them in the oven.



800 g flour 0
400 ml warm milk
2 eggs
80 ml seed oil
10 g of dry yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
30 g granulated sugar
1 grated lemon zest
1l of seed oil for frying

Preparation: swivels

Let’s put the milk in a saucepan and wait for it to be hot, but without letting it come to a boil. When it is ready, pour it into a bowl, preferably in steel so it does not increase its heat. Then we immediately add the dry yeast and sugar, mixing with a fork or a hand whisk.
Separately, beat the two eggs lightly and add them to the bowl while continuing to mix. Then we pour in the seed oil and also add the grated zest of an untreated lemon going on to mix to mix all the ingredients.
Here comes the time for the powders: we sift the fairy, a little at a time using a fine mesh colander together with the salt and every time we insert it to mix it to incorporate it. We go on like this until the flour is used up and we work the mixture for another 5 minutes. We must obtain a smooth but compact dough.

Once this first phase is completed, we put the dough back in one clean bowl and let’s buy it with cling film, letting it rest for at least 1 hour in a dry place in the kitchen
Once the leavening time has passed, lightly flour the work surface and resume the dough, kneading it with your hands for another 5 minutes. Then divide it into single loaves of about 70 grams each (about twenty should come out).
We work every single block forming sausages, like when we prepare gnocchi, and then roll them up on themselves. Then we cut out a series of rectangles of parchment paper, as big as the swivels we have formed, and place them individually on each sheet.
We take a large pan, we put a heat the seed oil and when it has reached temperature we begin to fry the milk rolls, three at a time so as not to lower the heat. They just need to brown slightly, so 3 minutes per side should be enough.
As soon as the swivels are ready, pull them up with a slotted spoon and place them on a tray covered with absorbent paper. At the end, when they are all ready, sprinkle with granulated sugar and we can enjoy them.