Technology: goodbye to BlackBerry, the mobile icon of an era

Technology: goodbye to BlackBerry, the mobile icon of an era

The news is official: in 2022 we can definitively say goodbye to the BlackBerry, a mobile phone that represented an era and an entire generation will cease to work. Here’s what will happen

From Tuesday 4 January 2022 all mobile phones BlackBerry with an operating system other than Android they stopped working. With them, not only does an era end, as representatives and progenitors of our new cutting-edge models.

goodbye blackberry

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The news, taken up by Ansa, confirms that i BlackBerry OS, i.e. models with their own operating system will no longer be supported by the company. In detail, it seems that the company has stopped support for BlackBerry OS 10 and 7.1in addition to previous versions.

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Hi BlackBerry, technology is moving forward

On devices BlackBerry OS 10, 7.1 and earlier versions, it will no longer be possible to make phone calls or receive calls, send or send messages and access the internet.


Image from Pixabay

It is a known block. In fact, BlackBerry announced in September 2020 that it would happen. However, this is a limited block if we consider that all the BlackBerry company phones with the Android operating system will continue to work without any problems.

At the moment of the decision, precisely taken 2 years ago, the company wanted to thank all its loyal customers: “Thanks to our many loyal customers and partners who have followed us over the years. We invite you to learn more about how BlackBerry provides security software and services to businesses and governments around the world. ”

And in fact, after giving up the mobile phone market from the hardware point of view, the group had focused exclusively on developing and improving the software for companies and professionalsunder the name of BlackBerry Limited.

The smartphone brand, licensed to the Chinese TCL, passed to the Indian startup OnwardMobility at the end of 2020. This could launch a series of new terminals during the year, at reduced cost, with 5G connection and dedicated mainly to the internal market.

Be that as it may, even if it is a marginal issue – as we have said devices with Android will live on – it is the end of an era.

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