Tell me where you would sit and I’ll tell you your strengths

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Choose an armchair, the one you would sit on right now and find out what your strengths are.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, we exceed in some things and fail in others. We are human beings and it is completely normal that this is the case, but to know ours strengths allows us to make the most of them.

armchairs test

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We don’t always know each other well enough to know what they are our strengths. Our faults are praised by others but there are more times when we are told what we are wrong than when we are praised for what we do well. This fun and quick personality test will help you clarify.

Choose where to sit and I’ll tell you your strengths

We are not always aware of our strengths. We often know our weaknesses better elsewhere. But it is important to know what we can rely on to be able to move forward in life and achieve our goals.

armchairs test

Photo CHeDonna

Let’s find out through your unconscious what you are excelled at. Taking the test is very simple, you just have to observe the image and imagine sitting in one of these sessions right now. Where would you abandon yourself?

Test solution

You have chosen chair 1, your strength is creativity

The choice of the first armchair denotes an original and creative spirit. You are a person who produces excellent ideas, you enlighten yourself and do not fear risk. You throw yourself into new situations without thinking about what awaits you, you just do it. YOUR ace in the hole? your communication skills, all hang on your lips.

You have chosen chair 2, your strength is positivity

If you have chosen the rocking chair you are a balanced person and your strength is positivity. You are always smiling and optimistic, on the cutting edge. The future holds opportunities for you and confidently seize them all. You like the fact that life takes on change, you always test yourself and you dare to challenge your limits. There is no room in your life for comfort.

You have chosen chair 3, your strong point is leadership

Choosing the third chair denotes that you are a born leader. Strong, determined, self-confident and highly motivating, you lead the crowds towards achieving goals. You are a person who gives your best under pressure.

You have chosen chair 3, your strength is determination

The last chair indicates that you are a determined person. You never give up. Perseverance, commitment and sacrifice are your imperatives when setting a goal in your mind. You are a moving train and others admire you a lot.

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