Temptation, final episode for Marcuzzi. Speranza has a confrontation with Nunzia

Temptation, final episode for Marcuzzi. Speranza has a confrontation with Nunzia

It's time for the reckoning for the Temptation Island participants

The journey into the feelings of the couples who participated in Temptation Island finally comes to an end: the latest episode of the reality show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi promises to be crackling from its very first moments.

At the end of the last appointment, Speranza and Alberto were facing their final confrontation bonfire. The two have been engaged for 16 years now, but apparently something broke between them when he realized he had doubts about their love. During the broadcast, Speranza had the opportunity to see many videos about her boyfriend, who gradually got closer and closer to the single Nunzia. And when the couple finally came to a showdown, the atmosphere immediately heated up.

Alberto, faced with the insistent questions of his girlfriend who wanted to know what his real feelings were, tried to sidetrack the answers, but in the end he had to give in. At the direct request of Alessia Marcuzzi, he admitted that he is no longer in love with Speranza, even though he feels a strong affection for her. "I want to get out of here without her, because I want to be consistent with my path" – he revealed. While his girlfriend confessed that, listening to the heart, she would return with Alberto.

A month later, Speranza went back to talking to Marcuzzi about what happened outside the village of temptations. Here, she found out that her now ex-boyfriend has been telling several lies. For this reason, Alessia asked Speranza to be able to compare her with the single Nunzia, so as to bring out the truth. The long story of the temptress certainly did not improve Alberto's situation, who found himself in trouble when he finally entered the room to talk to both girls.

But let's go back to the island of temptations, to watch the bonfire between Carlotta and Nello. Even among them, things were not going well in the last year and a half: the young woman has repeatedly said that she suffered from the many shortcomings of her boyfriend. On the way to Temptation Island, Nello came dangerously close to the single Benedetta, while Carlotta comforted herself in Antonio's arms – without ever exceeding the limit.

It is during the final confrontation bonfire that the girl brought out her nice temper, replying to Nello's every word and trying to understand what his feelings for the single were. And she was surprised to hear her boyfriend tell her he realized he was still very much in love with her. Carlotta, perhaps out of pride, was unable to let go of Nello's attempts to hug her: "I'm still in love, but I love myself more". However, she eventually gave in to a compromise: she gave her boyfriend a chance to show her he could recover their relationship.

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