Temptation Island, Nunzia and Arcangelo broke up after the second bonfire

According to preliminary reports, the second bonfire on Temptation Island did not go well for Nunzia and Arcangelo

What happened after the second Nunzia and Archangel confrontation bonfire on Temptation Island? According to the first advances, the couple said goodbye despite attempts at reconciliation.

The second episode of Temptation Island was dedicated almost entirely to Nunzia and Arcangelo, who went into crisis a few days after the start of the reality show. He immediately showed himself at ease among the singles, joking and having fun with everyone, completely forgetting the girl to whom he has been linked for 13 years.

Among the many videos shown by Bisciglia to Nunzia, one provoked his immediate reaction. In fact, when he was convinced he was not framed, Arcangelo threw himself into the arms of the single Sonia trying to kiss her. She rejected it by saying a phrase that froze her fiancée: "You betrayed her for thirteen years."

Nunzia immediately asked to meet the boyfriend who initially refused and was later persuaded by Filippo to talk to the girl. Archangel denied his responsibilities even in front of the video and Nunzia was relentless, stating that she didn't want to spend more time with him.

"I suck on my own because for 13 years I was fooled by you" thundered the girl. Shortly after the farewell, however, Filippo Bisciglia announced that Nunzia wanted to confront Archangel again.

A second bonfire to reconcile? Probably yes, but from the first advances it seems that it did not end well. According to those who know them, the two would have returned to Ottaviano, the country in the province of Naples where they live, separated and would no longer be a couple. For now neither of them has revealed anything on Instagram, respecting the contract with the production.

Certainly the second bonfire, which will be shown in the next episodes of Temptation Island Vip, will further test their relationship. In fact, Nunzia has discovered that she has often been betrayed in the last 13 years, while Archangel does not seem willing to admit his faults.

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