Thanks to you my daughter I have found the strength to go on

Thanks to you my daughter I have found the strength to go on

For you I will fight any war, I will find a solution to any problem and I will have the courage to go on, every day

We have been taught since childhood that love is the engine that moves the world, the only feeling endowed with authenticity and purity capable of moving the entire universe.

Of course, in those days we could not have known that in life we ​​would experience the different facets of this feeling, limiting ourselves to making it concrete in that happy ending of our favorite fairy tales.

In reality, looking back on it now, already in that phase of life we ​​were experiencing that form of noble and pure love that characterizes a parent-child bond; only that in those years, we took without knowing, without understanding.

Growing up then we fell in love several times, more or less intensely, sometimes we even lost a little piece of our heart, but all in all we survived. Then came that moment when we understood that everything we knew about love was half real, because we had not yet experienced that feeling that binds a parent to his child.

By becoming mothers, we understood this in the most beautiful way there is, because the love you feel towards a child does not only concern the heart, but every muscle in our body. Our children are the engine that pushes us to move forward, that moves us from within, that gives us the strength to get up every day to fight any war that has exploded outside.

An incredible energy that grows out of all proportion with every glance, every hug given, every candle that goes out and after the loss of yet another tooth. As if we were victims of a marvelous spell that is perpetuated, day after day; we just need to look at them, our children, to find the strength to go on.

I am the light at the end of the tunnel, I am the hope, and the certainty of finding the way out of every problem. They represent the impossibility of giving up in the face of any circumstance even when it seems to us to collapse; they are our look towards the future.

The truth is that life continually puts us in front of new challenges, some of them really great, which make us regret those sweet and melancholy adolescent dramas today; the same ones that we face with courage for the love of our children.

Because in the chaos and disorder of the days, we do not need anything other than the love of our children, and the strength that they can give us just by saying the word "mom".

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