The 5-step self-massage for a radiant face

from Beatrice Serra

L’face self-massage it’s a little ceremony with yourself. To make contact with your body and feel that the skin is smoothed, oxygenated, compacted under the touch of your hands.

Ideal in the morning and after milk and tonic, the self-massage is a natural mini lifting, to be done at least every two days, for 15 minutes », says Isabella Calabrese, owner of Facial Bar, a center for advanced aesthetics in Milan. “First, pass over the face (from the inside to the outside) a quartz stone (Gua Sha) or cryogenic spheres (they can be bought on Amazon and used cold): bags and dark circles also go away”.


1. Imagine draw a cross on your face, which ideally divides it into four parts. Take the massage cream (oil) and start from the two upper parts, on the forehead: with your fingers close and parallel, start from the inside and rub outwards, moving your hands, which must be cupped at the same time.

Repeat lower, in the area under the eyes, on the cheeks.


2. Now dedicated to the two lower quadrants: always moving from the inside outwards, rub the chin part up to the sides of the mouth.


3. Get down on the neck. Here the movement changes: it is no longer horizontal, but from top to bottom, from the chin to the two collarbones.

Stroke several times, with a rather firm pressure, but never annoying.


4. At this point gently taps the eye contour area with your fingertips.

Do not be in a hurry: dedicate at least 5 minutes to this simple “maneuver” to obtain a good deflating and relaxing effect.


5. With your thumbs and index fingers, squeeze and pinch your eyebrows, working from the inside out.

Repeat three times.


1. Evening anti-wrinkle maneuvers have an ally in Rvb Lab’s Plump & Lift Plumping Cream (€ 75,

2. Ideal for the massage at the beginning of the day: Incarose Anti Pollution Face Cream (€ 16.50,, a mix of moisturizing, toning and anti-smog active ingredients.

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