The 5-step self-massage for light legs

from Beatrice Serra

L’self-massage it’s a small ceremony with yourself, to be staged every day. To make contact with your body and feel that the skin is smoothed, oxygenated, compacted under the touch of your hands.

There is no remodeling product that does not need self-massage to give the best of itself. In 10 minutes a day of slow movements, the lymphatic system is reactivated, the legs become slimmer and the skin becomes compact again.


1. Before starting the actual massage, raise yourself several times on your toes.

In this way, you stimulate the tissues present under the plantar arch that favor the return of blood upwards.

Now wet your palms with the massage oil or cream and start rub the ankles and calves.

To reactivate circulation and drain excess fluids, remember to always proceed from bottom to top.


3. Run firm pressures in the hollow behind the knees.

This movement helps to free the lymphatic ganglia by making the lymph flow upwards.

To deflate and remove cellulite, now move on to the thighs.

Massage your thighs with your knucklesclosed in a fist.


5. Finally exercises the same pressure on the back of the legs and buttocks“Lifting them up” in an energetic way.

The right products

1. Massaged on the legs twice a day, the Crio Sinergia de l’Erbolario anti-cellulite spray (€ 29.90, quickly reshapes, smoothes and lightens the legs.

2. After an a on high heels, the anti-fatigue massage has an ally in Equilibria’s Light Legs Aloe (7,95,, a natural anti-inflammatory of the skin microcirculation.

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