The bags of the moment can be found at Zara, and they cost less than € 50!

The bags of the moment are worked, colorful and fun, and we can buy them from Zara for less than € 50! Here is the style guide by CheDonna that will see the 2022 trends in terms of bags as the protagonist and how to best wear them!

There are now no doubts: spring and summer 2022 will be as colorful and cheerful as ever! We have gone from experiencing last year’s minimal and simple fashion, in which monochromatic colors and simple dresses prevailed, to surrounding ourselves with bright colors, floral patterns and particular workings. There is a desire to shine and have fun, and what better way to do it than with bags? Let’s find out all the trends in terms of bags, where to buy them and how to spend little!

Zara bag

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All the windows of our favorite shops show us that the fashions of spring and summer will be colorful and gaudy. But not all of us feel comfortable wearing blue or pink, or even less green! We are used to simple looks and generally rely on darker colors when choosing our garments.

So how to follow the trends of the moment without changing our personal style and without feeling uncomfortable with our clothes? Simple: choosing fun and colorful bags!

How can we do this without ending up with our wallet emptied at the end of the month? By studying the trends of the moment and the collections of our favorite brands!

For example? The bags of Zara! The well-known brand has proposed for the spring / summer 2022 collection a wide choice of colored bags in line with the fashions of the moment!

Let’s kick off this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the bags from Zara that can’t escape us!

Zara bags are trendy, fun, and affordable! Here are the models to have!

For the summer our bags will have to be colored, they will have to have particular processes and shapes! In this way we will be able to combine our trendy bag with our look that makes us feel most at ease!

Zara bag

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Here are the Zara bags of the moment that cost less than € 50:

  • rigid raffia bag with handle of colored pearls: picnic bags are chic and timeless. From Zara you can buy it for € 49.95.
  • mini bucket bag with crochet work: as we said before, special processes will also be trendy for this 2022, so we must choose a bag that presents these processes! At Zara we can find a white basic bucket bag with crochet work. Cost € 25.95.
  • shoulder bag with ruffles: even for an aperitif or going out with friends, crafted bags are what we need. Camel-colored raffia effect fabric, half-moon, with ruffles. Cost € 39.95.
  • handbag in fabric with beads: last, but not least, is the handbag with fuchsia-colored beads. Fun and trendy. Available for purchase from Zara for € 39.95. By the way, the perfect outfit for an oval body is done in three easy steps.

Zara bags

Photo from Zara Official Site

Even for today the license plate style guide ends here CheWomanwhich featured the trendiest Zara bags of the moment for less than € 50!

See you at the next style guide, to find out all the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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