The benefits of tea for your beauty: when to drink it and DIY recipes


The research on the benefits of tea. Those concerning health are increasingly revealing: the study published by European Journal of Preventive Cardiology and made by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences confirms that drinking it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and makes it more long-lived. But that’s not all: the qualities of Camellia sinensis, the Asian plant from which all types of tea derive (white, green, black, matcha, pouchong, red, different only for the moment in which the leaves are harvested and for the consequent processing) also extend to beauty.

Follow chronobiology: what time is it best to drink tea

Curiously, research confirms that the benefits of the tea drink are amplified when consumed in the dose of 3 cups a dayof which at least one can be sipped on its own around 5as required by the British ritual.

“Chronobiology has confirmed that it is an ideal time to indulge in a cup of tea,” explains Carlo Di Stanislao, dermatologist and acupuncturist in Teramo, president of the Xin Shu School of Classical Chinese Medicine. In fact, tea provides excellent percentages of theophylline, a vasodilator that stimulates blood circulationwhich at this time of day is slowed down in the peripheral areas of the body, including the skin.

“Basically, thanks to theophylline it improves the oxygen supply and the nourishment of the epidermal cells, with an immediate anti-stress effect on the face and body»Says the expert.

Among the various qualities of tea it would go preferred green tea. “According to chronobiology applied to Chinese medicine, between 17 and 19 the action of the meridian of the” triple heater “is more powerful, which is responsible, among other things, for the hydration of the skin and is particularly sensitive to tea. green, ”says Di Stanislao.

The properties of tea-based creams & Co.

Even applied as a cream, mask or tonic, the precious component multiplies the hydration of the skin, with cascading benefits, including increasing the elasticity and firmness of the tissues. It is no coincidence, in fact, that tea (especially green tea) is increasingly present in many cosmetic specialtiesthanks to the anti-aging, detoxifying, stimulating, but at the same time softening and toning properties.

“This is thanks to the presence of minerals, vitamins, including C and several of the B group, carotenoids and phenolic acids, which make it an excellent remineralizer and protective of skin and hair”, adds Di Stanislao.

Without forgetting that green tea extracts are excellent anti-cellulitethanks to the draining and purifying effect and to the theine (analogue of caffeine), which stimulates the breakdown of fats.

Not just green tea, try other “colors” too

Among the other qualities of tea in the beauty version, the white tea, an excellent anti-aging thanks to the presence of substances, in particular the gallate catechins, which inhibit the activity of proteolytic enzymes, such as collagenase and elastase. For its part, the tender it is distinguished from other qualities by the “flavanols”, powerful antioxidants that reduce the glycation of tissues, one of the processes of aging.

The leaves of matcha tea (also known as Japanese green tea), keep all the active ingredients unaltered: the secret lies in the cultivation technique, in the dark, which forces the plant to produce more chlorophyll than normal and in the steaming of the leaves after harvesting and before drying. “Matcha tea extracts are often used in slimming and remodeling body creams,” says Di Stanislao.

DIY beauty recipes based on tea

You can also prepare DIY beauty recipes with tea.

Black tea, preferably organic, left to rest for 8 minutes, in the form of 8 sachets (for fair skin) or 16 (for dark skin), in boiled water (450 milliliters), creates a liquid for the body with a mild self-tanning effect (until the next shower). Let it cool, pour it into a spray bottle and spray onto the skin, distributing it well with your hands.

Here is one instead anti-aging, lightening and moisturizing mask: prepare an infusion of green tea by pouring three sachets into a quarter cup of hot water, let it rest for about five minutes and drain. Take three tablespoons of the drink, mix with two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt, mix well and apply on the face for 20 minutes before rinsing.

While placing the mask, on closed eyes you can apply the two tea bagspreviously kept in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes: they decongest the eyes and reduce dark circles.

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