The concern of Heather Parisi: "The virus has made us individualists"


Heather Parisi vents her concern on Instagram about this second wave linked to Covid-19, which has made us all more anguished and individualistic

Guerrillas have broken out in many cities these days, linked to the new restrictions. The fear that – perhaps – we did not expect to relive again and so soon, the second wave of the virus, which caught us unprepared, psychologically more fragile because still weakened by the first lockdown.

All this is playing negatively on our psyche, everyone is realizing it. Heather Parisi, from Hong Kong, on social media, gives voice to what is a general concern: this virus has made us vulnerable, and individualistic, too individualistic.

The showgir writes on his Instagram account:

This situation at Covid-19 has made us vulnerable, too vulnerable and individualistic, too individualistic.

Life can go from unbelievable to terrible in a heartbeat.

Worry has always accompanied us in the depths of our soul because nobody is ever completely calm, nobody is ever sure of their future. Uncertainty is the condition and at the same time, the perpetual condemnation of the human being.

Now, however, for many, the condition of anguish has taken over and has become a constant in our life.

I always tell myself for what I am, without filters and without hypocrisy.

And I listen to what I am told without prejudice or preclusions.

I notice that the ranks of people who consider all those who think differently or who dare to even question the official version of the facts become more and more "plague".

Life these days becomes more and more lonely and dividing.

We are no longer able to enjoy our families and people dear to us as before (I have not seen my mother for 2 years and our relatives in Italy, since Christmas 2019 😔) and we have lost the ability to dialogue.

Closed in our certainties, we distrust those who do not think like us. We consider it a danger to our survival.

I still don't recognize myself in this world. H * 🤐

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