The favorites of the month of September, for a return in style

The favorites of the month of September, for a return in style

A varied selection of products for the month of September including skincare, lips, eyes, nails and hair. Discover the favorites of the month of September

September has now arrived and autumn is peeping out. Back to the routine, back to school or back to work and the holidays already seem far away. This month I have selected for you 5 favorites among hair, nails, makeup and skincare that accompanied me this summer and will do it for a while longer. A multifunctional product halfway between a primer and a sunscreen, perfect as a makeup base. A gloss that is really easy to wear, versatile and that goes with any makeup. My all time favorite gel eyeliner, which is a must in my work kit. The best hair ties I’ve ever tried, which I buy and repurchase and repurchase. Last, but not least, a lamp to do a semi-permanent manicure which, it is appropriate to say, “minimum expense maximum yield”. Are you curious? Discover the 5 favorite products of the month of September.


  • Charlotte Tilbury Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer
  • Nyx Professional Makeup x Netflix Sex Education Lucidalabbra Juicy Secret
  • Inglot Eyeliner Gel AMC
  • Invisibobble Original Hair Ties
  • Layla Cosmetics Lampada 36 W Led

Charlotte Tilbury Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer

Charlotte Tilbury is certainly not too cheap a brand but with exceptional quality and yield. I say this not only as a beauty editor, as a content creator but also as a makeup artist. Charlotte Tilbury, internationally renowned makeup artist, formulates highly performing makeup and skincare products that do what they promise. The Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer is a face sunscreen spf50, but it is also a face treatment and primer. The very light texture blends perfectly with the skin, it does not leave it sticky or greasy.

However, it is not a classic sunscreen, but a real primer that smoothes the skin, improves its texture and has a luminous soft focus effect that minimizes pores. It is therefore a perfect product to use as a protection in the city all year round, under the makeup, to have at the same time protection and a primer to apply before applying the makeup.

Facial sunscreen face primer

Charlotte Tilbury, Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer. Price € 49.00 (discounted to € 44.10) on

Nyx Professional Makeup x Netflix Sex Education Lucidalabbra Juicy Secret

I’ve always been a fan of glosses but I tend to use them little because with liquid lipsticks I avoid retouching of various kinds. However, I tried this Nyx Professional Makeup x Netflix Sex Education Juicy Secret gloss and found it so comfortable, easy to apply, reapply and suitable for any makeup, that it has become a must have of mine. You can see it at work in this video, but I also used it with a very light face base and a veil of mascara, with eyeliner, with colored and nude make-up. Versatile, the formula is very soft and not at all sticky, it seems to wear a lip balm, which in fact are hydrated and plumped up.

Gloss lip gloss

Nyx Professional Makeup X Netflix Sex Education, Juicy Secret Lip Gloss. Price: € 8.99 (discounted € 7.15) on

Inglot Eyeliner Gel AMC

If you are looking for a black and easy to use eyeliner, I can only recommend Inglot Eyeliner Gel AMC. Not only is it a favorite September product, but it’s my all time favorite gel eyeliner. A must in my makeup artist kit, it’s versatile and easy to use. With an angled brush or eyeliner to create cat eyes, it’s super easy to blend to create shaded eyeliner or slightly darken the outer corner. Once dry it sets completely, without smudging. I also use it as a creamy black base for smokey eyes and, above all, if it gets dry, I can reactivate it with Duraline, a diluent from Inglot perfect for making any product more fluid, such as eyeliner or mascara.

Eyeliner gel nero

Inglot Eyeliner Gel AMC. Price: € 15.95 on

Invisibobble Original Hair Ties

As a carrier of curly hair it is not easy to find rubber bands that hold my hair because I also have a lot of hair and thick. Classic elastics often break, do not hold hairstyles well because they are too soft or, on the contrary, to try to make a few more turns they are too tight. Invisibobble hair ties have been, literally, my salvation and since I discovered them a few years ago I have not used other elastics or, at most, I use other decorative ones as an accessory.

They are spiral elastic in plastic, very resistant and never missing on my wrist. They exist in various colors, although I prefer transparent ones and, trust me, once you try them you will never go back. No more pulling hair, aching skin, headaches, hair that has fallen out after a short time or curls that are open and damaged after you have tied your hair.

Spiral hair elastics

Invisibobble Original, Hair Bands Pack of 3. Price: € 4.45 on

Layla Cosmetics Lampada 36 W Led

During the second lockdown I had started doing the semi-permanent manicure myself at home, because I wanted to see my nails manicured anyway. To start, I launched myself on Layla Cosmetics products, an excellence in the field of nail and makeup products and I bought a base, top coat, some colors and the 36 W Led Lamp, attracted by the very low price for a novice. I have been using it for months with ease, both for manicure and for semi-permanent pedicure, it allows me to dry the nail polish in 60 seconds and despite the price the quality is really high. Recommended for those who do a manicure at home or for those who would like to start experimenting with it.

Semi-permanent enamel led lamp

Layla Cosmetics, 36 W Led Lamp. Price: € 16.90 (discounted at € 11.83) on

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