The midi dress is the MUST-HAVE of autumn 2023. Wear it this way and collect likes

The midi dress is the absolute MUST-HAVE of autumn 2023! But how to wear it right? And then, how to choose it? When to wear it? Here’s everything you need to know about the midi dress on this CheDonna style guide!

In autumn, being able to find the perfect look both from a stylistic point of view and from a comfort point of view is a real nightmare. We must be able to find the right compromise between trends and practicality. But we often struggle, ending up setting aside the style! From today everything will change because we are about to discover the autumn MUST-HAVE garment that besides being super trendy is extremely comfortable!

Midi dress

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Autumn is definitely the most complicated season of the year for us fashion loversbecause the danceable temperatures put us to the test!

We leave the house in the morning wearing a perfect look, made of jacket, coat, scarf and so on, but after setting foot outside the house the heat assaults us and we find ourselves ruining our outfit and undressing so as not to suffocate from the heat !

So we often try to create looks that are practical and comfortable for the whole day, sometimes setting aside our beloved fashion.

From today this will no longer be a problem, because we are about to discover the life-saving garment of autumn. Which? The midi dress!

There are many models on the market, all different and perfect for every physicality, that’s why the midi dress is what we need in the fall.

Let’s find out how to choose the most suitable model for us and how to combine it, in this style guide CheWoman!

Midi dress: fitted or soft, solid color or floral, this is the dress you will fall madly in love with!

By midi dress we mean that particular model of dress that has the length below the knee. In this way the dress can be comfortable during the autumn days and can be worn for all occasions, even the most formal ones!

Midi dress

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to choose and wear midi dress in autumn:

  • snug and amphibious: the most common model for the midi dress is undoubtedly that of tight jersey. It can be sleeveless or with long sleeves, with a round neck or high collar. For a sporty style, suitable for a walk with friends in the center, combine your midi dress with a faux leather jacket and an amphibious biker boot!
  • soft and floral: Kate Middleton is the master of this look, and we absolutely have to copy it. Midi dress with shirt-effect, soft on the hips with floral pattern. To close an espadrille wedge or a décolleté with a stiletto heel and a long cardigan to close the look. Classy chic, also perfect for the office!
  • shirt and skirt: a valid alternative to the midi dress is the combination of top and midi skirt. The skirts on the market can be tight-fitting in jersey or soft. Choose the one you prefer and combine them like the clothes mentioned above! You will be perfect all autumn! By the way, if you make these mistakes you look older, it’s a matter of style!

Midi dress

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Even today, the most fashionable style guide of the moment ends here, the one with the license plate CheWomanwho saw how to best wear the midi dress in the fall!

See you next style guide! To stay up to date on all the news from the world of fashion, and beyond!