The new trend of the moment: mall-walking, a sport suitable for everyone

The new trend of the moment: mall-walking, a sport suitable for everyone

The new fad for physical activity comes from North America: it is Mall-walking and is practiced inside the mall

Many people do not like to exercise, but certainly the new North American mall-walking fashion will convince everyone to move more and enjoy the pleasure of physical activity. A nice daily walk would often be enough to keep fit, even and especially for elderly or very overweight people. The new type of fitness starts from the assumption that many people tend not to like physical activity and to lazy for various reasons, including the climate: too cold in winter, too hot in summer. In addition, many people do not like to attend gyms, where the environment is boring and often frequented only by super enthusiasts, with whom it is difficult to confront.

So why not take advantage of the cool and pleasant climate of the shopping centers? In all the cities of the world there are large shopping centers, fully air conditioned, with wide avenues and perfectly smooth and always clean floors. Shopping centers are the ideal place to practice a sport such as walking, because they guarantee maximum safety and do not cost anything. Mall-walking essentially consists of taking advantage of the mall environment for a healthy walk, at any time of day or week. Inside the shopping malls there is a perfect environment for physical activity, also ideal for elderly or lazy people. You have the opportunity to do gymnastics without having to pay anything, but in a protected and air-conditioned area, enriched also by shop windows and colorful and pleasant spaces.

Clearly, mall-walking does not consist of a simple walk at a slow pace looking at the shop windows; to get the maximum benefit from this activity you need to walk briskly, or even run if you can do it without excessive effort. The minimum time of this sport is at least 30 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of not obtaining any tangible effect for the body. After walking quickly, you can stop at one of the many refreshment points in the shopping center, where you can also find healthy foods such as smoothies or fruit salads. At this point you are then free to inquire about the latest fashion trends or to shop in one of the shops.

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