The omelette diet: deflate your belly and get back into shape

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Good, light and perfect to get back in shape: the omelette is the protagonist of a diet to lose weight with taste

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Tasty and rich in beneficial properties: the omelette is the ideal dish to get back in shape and the protagonist of a very effective diet.

Protein, satiating and delicious, eggs are the basis of a super light omelette that transforms, meal after meal, to help us lose weight. A lot of people when they go on a diet choose to eliminate the omelette from their daily diet because they consider this recipe too fat and rich in calories. Nothing could be more wrong! The omelette is in fact an excellent dish to deflate the belly, purify the body and eliminate the fat rolls on the thighs and buttocks.

The mistake that many make is to prepare the omelette in the wrong way, adding unnecessary calories. On the contrary, if done right, it can help you lose several pounds. Eliminate bacon or fatty cheeses, instead take ample space with vegetables and lean proteins, such as light cheeses, cooked or raw ham and low-fat milk.

The secret to losing weight with the omelette is to dress this dish with lots of vegetables. In fact, there are many vegetables that accompany eggs, from courgettes to asparagus, through artichokes and mushrooms. These are vegetables that improve diuresis, counteracting water retention and consequently cellulite. Not only: the fibers contained in the vegetables favor intestinal transit, deflating the belly and eliminating the fat rolls.

The omelette also has a very high satiating power, especially if it is accompanied with lean proteins. Then remember to always choose a "green" side dish, opting for steamed or grilled vegetables, seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs. Finally, don't forget cooking: the best is the baked one, with little fat, perfect for cutting another hundred calories per dish.

How does the omelette diet work? Try a breakfast of omelettes with berries and plain yogurt. At lunch choose a zucchini omelette accompanied by a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, while at dinner opt for grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables.

Before starting to follow a diet like this, always remember to contact your doctor for more information and to find out if it is the right diet for you.

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