The perfect bright eye makeup at 40 is that of Giulia Salemi

The perfect bright eye makeup at 40 is that of Giulia Salemi

Giulia Salemi’s bright eye make-up is a hymn to simplicity, elegance but also to the beauty of women over 40: that’s why.

The bright, colorful, cheerful and very bright eye make-up has established itself as one of the make-up trends between 2021 and 2022. However, it is mainly very young girls who wear it: it is a “luxury” that we had to do without. at 40? Absolutely not, as Giulia Salemi demonstrates!

Giulia salemi glitter eye makeup


Giulia is an influencer who can easily range from one youthful, sporty and casual style to a style very refined and never excessive.

The dark colors of her complexion and hair also represent the quintessence of Mediterranean woman, so for many Italian women it is really very easy to take inspiration from the make-up that suits them.

Thanks to these characteristics, Giulia Salemi can really be taken as a reference point for make-up not only by very young women or young women like her, but also by more mature women who have not lost the desire to keep up with fashion.

The glamorous makeup worn by Giulia in the last few days is absolutely one of the trendiest and most “accessible” from this point of view. Here’s how to reproduce it as accurately as possible.

Bright eye makeup like Giulia Salemi to be chic & trendy even at 40

This eye make-up by Giulia Salemi uses a bright eyeshadow in neutral tones in combination with small rhinestones to apply on the skin in strategic points.

Neutral glitter eye makeup


Far from being “too much” this combination allows you to create a original look for an evening in which we want to add a pinch of extravagance to our face without upsetting our style.

There the basis of this make-up is a classic half cut crease. This is an application scheme that is really popular right now and is beloved for its great versatility.

Could be made in literally every color and adapts perfectly to the shape of each eye.

The secret for the correct realization of this make-up lies in the master the technique of perfect shading, which will allow you to gradually and homogeneously pass from the lighter to the darker color.

The secret is to apply the darker eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye and blend it with a soft-bristled brush.

Once you have distributed the color well in the corner, you will have to proceed with one horizontal motion series that go from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. At the end of the eye, the brush will be lifted, placed again in the center of the eyelid and dragged towards the outer corner.

This will avoid eye shadow spots at the center of the eyelid and the color will accumulate all where it is supposed to be, that is, in the point where we want to create the shadow.

With a very small brush and by taking a very small amount of product you will have to then apply a thin line of eyeshadow at the bottom edge of the eye. Although this makes the eye appear sophisticated and magnetic, we do not recommend doing it if you have small or downward eyes!

You can choose two bright eyeshadows (i.e. with small reflective particles) or matte. our advice is to use a bright eyeshadow for clear eyeshadow and opt for a matte color for dark eyeshadow.

There fundamental recommendation however, it is there choice of colors. It is very important that they harmonize with the undertone of our complexion, so they must be chosen with awareness.

The ideal is use a dove gray + cold brown color if you have one cold undertone complexion.

The alternative is a nude orange + warm brown eyeshadow in the case of a complexion with a warm or golden undertone.

If you do not have the precise ideas on what the undertone of your skin is, we advise you to read the practical guide of to identify it in a few minutes.

As for the texture eyeshadows, the ideal is to use powder eyeshadows, which can be blended better and ensure an elegant and not too flashy look.

For the black line along the eye contour, we recommend using a soft pencil and not eyeliner, which would be too graphic and defined for a look that focuses on delicacy.

Respecting the shape of the eye is the secret of creating a correct line: it is better to avoid the application of black along the lower line if you have downward eyes or deep dark circles. Better to avoid a too thick line on the lower eyelid to avoid weighing the eyelid “stealing” brightness.

Finally, the application of the light points: they will be positioned along the wing of the pencil, well spaced and in decreasing measure.

Giulia salemi glitter


To give balance to the look you can illuminate the inner corner with a pinch of very light eyeshadow or highlighter. Also in this case, attention to the undertone is fundamental: if you have a warm undertone you will have to avoid white eyeshadow in order not to make the look dull and the skin too pale. Better a champagne eyeshadow.

The Council of Chedonna |  Pair of glitter / matte eyeshadows by Kiko
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The Council of TipsForWomens | Pair of glitter / matte eyeshadows by Kiko


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