The Queen is looking for a personal assistant: 35 thousand pounds and travels all over the world

Queen Elizabeth is looking for a personal secretary willing to travel: contract for two years for 35 thousand pounds

Queen Elizabeth, pink look and without mask

Queen Elizabeth is looking for a new personal assistant who needs to be willing to travel around the world. Annual salary? 35 thousand pounds.

Buckingham Palace therefore hires a secretary or a personal secretary who will take care of various things, but the characteristic that the winning candidate must have is "strong interpersonal communication skills". At least this is what we read on the announcement published on Linkedin. It requires a proactive approach, organizational skills to work efficiently and systematically, under minimal management. But above all, calm is required, even in moments of maximum pressure.

Previous experience in assisting senior professionals, such as CEOs, is fundamental. It also requires the ability to draft documents and deal with correspondence. Common sense, willingness to collaborate and to help others are essential to integrate into the work team.

In addition to traveling, the assistant will have to fill out the agenda, coordinate meetings, appointments and commitments. And “provide assistance in the efficient coordination of government duties”.

The contract is for a fixed term and lasts for two years. The start of the collaboration is scheduled for January 2021 and the annual salary amounts to 35 thousand pounds, for 37.5 working hours per week. Anyone interested in submitting their application has until 4 December. At the moment, over 200 curricula have already arrived.

Kate Middleton has also recently expanded her staff. But in that case we were looking for a trustworthy and discreet person, whose main characteristic was to be confidentiality.

Those who will be hired at Buckingham Palace will find themselves managing a very complex situation, because in 2022 we will celebrate the Platinum Jubilee for the 70 years of Elizabeth's reign.

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