The Queen refuses to speak to Harry and he apparently has already returned to Meghan Markle


The Queen doesn't feel like facing Harry and he disappears. It is not clear if he has already returned to Meghan Markle, without celebrating his grandmother's 95th birthday

Kate Middleton, the mourning look in detail

Queen Elizabeth doesn't feel like holding a family summit with Harry, William and Charles to discuss, once again, the future of the Sussexes and their relationship with the Royal Family. The Sovereign is not resentful with her nephew, simply a few days before the funeral of her husband Philip, she does not have the strength to face the issue. And now it's unclear whether the Prince has already returned to Los Angeles to his wife Meghan Markle.

At first it seemed that Harry had decided to extend his stay in London after his grandfather's funeral, to be next to the Queen on her 95th birthday, 21 April. But now this certainty has disappeared. To tell the truth, no one knows exactly what happened to it. It just disappeared.

According to rumors reported by the Daily Mail, Harry has booked the return flight with British Airways. The airline has only one direct flight to Los Angeles, which departed on the afternoon of Monday, April 19, but it is unclear if the Prince was on board. If so, he will miss Her Majesty's birthday.

Either way, Harry got to talk to his family, at least William and Carlo. Among other things, key to breaking the ice between the two brothers was the intervention of Kate Middleton during the last farewell to Philip.

A source close to the Palace stated that Harry and Carlo spoke while walking through Windsor Gardens after the funeral. They confronted each other as father and son ”. They also appear to have discussed practical arguments on how to respond to the many messages of condolence received for the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Royal Family is greatly tried by the death of Philip. The Queen has preferred to retire to private life these days, finding consolation only in the new corgie puppies and horses. While Carlo moved to Wales to mourn his father's disappearance alone, after facing his younger son with William's support. Moreover, the future King suffered perhaps the worst damage from the interview that the Suessex gave to Oprah.

And yet the fatal shadow falls on him. According to the latest revelations reported by the Daily Mail, Harry should have written a letter to his father before returning to London, the only way to communicate with him, because Carlo would have refused to answer the phone.

Meanwhile, if Harry has really already returned to Meghan Markle, he will still have to wait 10 days before hugging her again, as he will have to stay in isolation for all that period according to the anti-contagion rules. Practice that he also had to follow in Great Britain before presenting himself at Philip's funeral. In those days, the Prince lived at Frogmore Cottage and had a telephone conversation with William.

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