The romantic kisses that every woman dreams of giving at least once in their life

The romantic kisses that every woman dreams of giving at least once in their life

In the rain, upside down or in that blocked elevator: these are the kisses we all have always dreamed of

10 kisses from the cinema that we will never forget

There is the French kiss and the one on the cheek, the one with the lips just parted and the one in the mold. There are plots and games that cannot be explained, but only experienced. There is the instant heartbeat felt with every touch and that sudden sense of well-being because you know, kissing is also healthy.

Energizing by nature, kissing increases the immune system, and is good for the couple: that's why passionate kissers can never do without it. But be careful, there are kisses and kisses, and to do its duty this meeting between lips must be frequent and intense.

According to a study reported by the Times, more than 60% of women have terminated a relationship because the partner was unable to meet the expectations that revolved around the kiss.

Boys, so be careful, won't you give up the love of your life just because you made little effort to kiss? And if there are any doubts about which technique to focus on, or which setting to choose, let's say that television helps us in this. Between comedies, TV series and romantic films, to the sound of "ciack si gira", the most beautiful kisses in the world were staged.

Passionate, romantic, sensual, very long, in the rain and upside down, in that elevator blocked on purpose or on the bow of a ship. Oh come on, how many of us have dreamed of letting ourselves be carried away by that sublime contact?

We all went through a bit, between hope and disappointment, waiting for hours in the rain for our Ryan Goslin to arrive and lift us up to kiss us violently under the pouring water. And what about all those fantasies of that candid and romantic kiss, even a little shy but as authentic as the one given by Leonardo DiCaprio, in the elevator, to his Juliet.

Of course, romanticism is not everything in life because there are those who, speaking of kisses, need a real wind of passion. Maybe like that of Christian and Ana, the protagonists of 50 shades of gray. But if there is one thing we have all dreamed of, at least once in our lives, it is that memorable, unique and seemingly endless kiss between Sam and Molly, in Ghost, in the clay pot scene. Confess it, how many of you have signed up for a basic pottery course?
Ghost: the unforgettable vase scene

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