The Royal Saga: Harry & Meghan against everyone, when it airs and where to see it

Meghan Markle e Harry, perché l’intervista ci ha deluse

Aired March 24 on LA5, "The Royal Saga: Harry & Meghan Against All" takes stock of the earthquake unleashed by the Sussexes with an interview with Oprah Winfrey

The Royal Saga: Harry & Meghan Against All airs Wednesday, March 24, in prime time on LA5 and takes stock of the earthquake triggered by the interview given to Oprah Winfrey, last March 7, by the Dukes of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan's chat is the media event of the year, with a millionaire turnover and an impact on the Royal Family that has been defined as devastating, amidst accusations of racism, secret marriages then denied and thrilling revelations. to the point that even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth intervened in the first person to calm the spirits and restore the balance broken by her grandchildren with the introduction of a diversity manager to the Palace.

While William, the future King of England, despite the golden rule of silence, affirmed that his family is not racist and that he will hear his brother "soon". A true Shakespearean drama.

Produced by VideoNews, The Royal Saga: Harry & Meghan Against All is conducted by costume, jet-set, international politics and royal dynasties expert Lavinia Orefici. Guests, in the parterre, Silvana Giacobini and Roberto Alessi and Federico Gatti. And, in connection from London, Federico Gatti and, from the USA, Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkins.

The two former Royal Heights, after finding a home in Montecito, setting up the non-profit association Archewell (Foundation, Audio, Production) and signing millionaire deals with Netflix and Spotify, decided to speak publicly for the first time, after having left Buckingham Palace.

The most authoritative newspapers, experts on real issues and tabloids have expressed themselves on the case "Harry and Meghan". So much has been said and so much has been written. Certainly, the figure of Diana continues to cast her shadow over the Monarchy and into the hearts of those who had elected her Princess of the People. It remains to be seen if Harry, thanks to his strong bond with Meghan, will be able to bear the consequences of his radical choices.

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