The secret to losing weight is to attend thin people. #lodicelascienza

The secret to losing weight is to attend thin people. #lodicelascienza

Scientific research shows that the company of overweight people does not help if one is on a diet.

Diet and nutrition: 10 rules for losing weight

If you are on a diet, attending thin (or at least fit) people could help you and make your journey easier. It is a scientific research published in the New England Journal of Medicine to advise against the company of people in flesh or obese (even if it seems to be a prejudice), stating that if you attend overweight individuals, you will tend to gain weight. Scholars have called this phenomenon "the spread of obesity from person to person".

According to this survey, if an overweight friend or a person with obesity-related diseases is frequented, the risk of getting fat is 57%; if you attend a relative, the possibility of gaining weight is 40%; by 37% if your partner is fattening. Furthermore, people of the same sex influence more than those of the opposite sex.

Often what leads to weight gain is the harmful behavior of people who do not follow a healthy diet, starting with the quantity of food. Fit people who follow a healthy lifestyle tend to eat everything in limited portions. On the contrary, those who are overweight ingest large quantities of food and often, not giving value to the type and quality of this.

If you go out with a person who eats a lot, we will tend to justify even our sins of gluttony, giving the excuse that we will never get to consume his own portions despite ours becoming larger than those needed.

Moreover, those who are overweight often suffer from real food-related illnesses with a compulsive attitude towards this, perhaps due to a stressful work environment or a monotonous lifestyle. It is obvious then that a larger body needs more energy and because of this, overweight individuals tend to eat often to fill a continuous feeling of hunger.

For all these reasons, the research concludes, if you are on a diet it is better to go to lunch and dinner with thin people. While proposing to strong friends to do physical activities together, perhaps to share this path and to force each other.

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