The secrets for traveling with a small child – Second part

The secrets for traveling with a small child - Second part

During the vacation
Of fundamental importance in the holiday of a small child is respect for his times, with particular regard especially to those relating to food and rest: he will therefore have to go to bed if possible at the usual time, he will keep his afternoon nap and should not be changed too many mealtimes.

The security
When traveling by car, you must always use the child seat appropriate to the age of the child and, when it has passed the age of the child seat, make it sit on the rear seats, protecting it with a seat belt.
If you travel in summer, the air conditioning must be set at a temperature of max 7 ° C lower than the outside one and it is good to apply the sun shades to the glass.
During the trip you must also plan to make as many stops as possible and to make the child drink lots of fluids.
It is important then never to leave him alone, neither in the car nor around: children are curious and always tend to move away from their parents and it can happen that they get lost. For the sake of scruple, it would be better to put a piece of paper in a pocket of their clothes indicating where to find the parents.

The health of travelers
Once you have chosen the place to stay, it would then be appropriate to inquire about the services offered by it: ask what are and where the available healthcare facilities are (hospitals and pharmacies) and who you can contact in case of need.
If you go abroad, inquire at the Travel Medicine Centers (present throughout Italy at the ASL) on vaccinations or prophylaxis that it is prudent to carry out before departure.
Inquire about the presence of pediatric assistance in the place where you go on vacation or in the immediate vicinity.
Today, to protect the health of travelers, there is an additional tool: the Health Passport, a document in which to report any prophylaxis performed, allergies or chronic diseases and ongoing medical therapies so that the doctor can promptly intervene in case in a foreign country.

Before organizing a long holiday it is important to inform your pediatrician anyway: he will be able to provide useful suggestions or, if necessary, report specific contraindications.

Scientific consultancy of Dr. Andrea Ghelardini, Specialist Surgeon in Pediatrics


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