The shoes that you will have to bring with you are just these!

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The summer shoes that you will have to bring with you must be light, comfortable and super trendy! If you are preparing your trolley with holiday outfits you are on the right style guide: here’s how to choose the right shoes for your holiday!

The same story every year! We are about to complete the preparations that precede our departure to the seaside destination of the moment, we prepare the outfits in the suitcase and the shoes we would like to bring are really too many! But we don’t want to give up on style either, so what to do? Let’s find out here on CheWoman!

Suitcase shoes

Collage on CanvaWhen we think about our holidays, the thing that causes us the most thoughts is the suitcase! Packing your suitcase before departure and doing it again when you return from the trip.

In fact, preparing the suitcase is a real art. If done correctly we will have the possibility of not having to deprive ourselves of anything, because we have managed to bring everything we need with us. If, on the other hand, the suitcase is prepared without criteria, once opened we will realize that we do not even have the essentials with us. Here’s how to ruin your first day of vacation.

But don’t worry, because up here today CheWoman we are there to help you solve this stylistic situation, starting with shoes!

Shoes in your suitcase: which ones to choose? How to store them? Here are the rules for making a perfect suitcase!

First rule for making a correct suitcase: let’s think about how much space we have available in the suitcase and equip ourselves with what is strictly necessary. You may be wondering: “what about me who want to bring all my looks with me?”. Here too there is a solution, super simple and easy to perform.

Suitcase shoes

Photo from PinterestHere are the rules for making a perfect suitcase:

  • choose less looks than on vacation days. Example 7 days of vacation, 5 outfits.
  • create looks that can be reused differently with the other items you have in your suitcase.

Once you have prepared your looks following these rules, you just have to dochoose shoes. But which ones? And with what criterion?

  • practicality: a pair of flat sandals must always be in your suitcase. They do not take up space and you can use them both for the sea and for the walk under a white summer dress.
  • nude heel sandal: whether it is simple or slave, the other shoe that you will have to bring in your suitcase must be a sandal with a nude-colored heel. So you can wear it under all the outfits you have prepared. By the way, Giulia De Lellis and the look to wear in summer and winter!

Suitcase shoes

Photo from Pinterest

Now that you know all the rules, all you have to do is prepare and close your suitcase. Holidays await you!

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