The short cut of the moment is Francesca Michielin's blunt cut

The short cut of the moment is Francesca Michielin's blunt cut

Francesca said goodbye to long hair, showing off a scary short on the Ariston stage. That looks really good on her

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 2: prime time

The first evening of Sanremo is the best opportunity to show off a change of look. And in fact Francesca Michielin pleasantly surprised us, not only for her excellent performance (Call me her song by name), but also for the clean cut given to her long hair.

Blunt cut, this is the name of the new cut of the singer, a helmet with clean lines with even tips. In short, a full and full-bodied bob without scaling and unraveling. The blunt cut par excellence should never go beyond the chin, and that is why it turns out to be a perfect frame that adapts and enhances various face shapes. Just as it adapts to different types of hair.

"A drastic change but with a gritty and fresh result", said Faik Zekai, Creative Director of Cotril, who for Francesca Michielin created smooth but soft styling on the tips, facing upwards. A slight wet effect and the low stripe made the singer's look sophisticated, perfect with the super chic outfit, consisting of a transparent shirt studded with rhinestones and a very elegant black high-waisted trousers. We also really appreciated Francesca's make-up with a wisely “exaggerated” eyeliner, which gave her a sensual look.

But back to the blunt cut: the cut of the moment is great for those with straight hair but also for wavy ones. You can show off with the central line but for those with a rather square face shape the side line will look better. So if you need to give us a cut, or want to say goodbye to ruined tips, the blunt cut might be for you.

Francesca Michielin's blunt cut

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