The skincare products for the body not to be missed for a perfect bodycare

The skincare products for the body not to be missed for a perfect bodycare

We always talk about face skincare but never for the body: creams, scrubs, wraps and masks, a journey to discover bodycare

Body skincare products are not that frequent, you just save the body cream. However, bodycare is as important as facial skincare because, like this, it needs hydration, nutrients and anti-aging active ingredients to mitigate the passage of time. Indeed, there are areas of the body that show age earlier than others, just think of a décolleté that is no longer firm and compact, around the neck or the appearance of spots on the hands, always uncovered.


Cleansing, a seemingly trivial step, but important for proper bodycare

Just as washing the face is an automatic step, so is washing the body in the shower. It is an important step because it allows you to remove the most superficial layer of the skin by cleansing it, eliminate accumulation of dirt and substances that can be minimally deposited on the skin, even through clothes, such as small percentages of dyes or textile fibers. The criterion for choosing the detergent is, basically, only one: the fragrance of the product. Nothing more wrong; of course, the sense of smell also wants its part, but delicate products should be preferred, with non-aggressive surfactants and which contain some moisturizing and emollient ingredients. The bubble baths rinse from the body, it is true, but some substance always remains in contact with the skin and, like that of the face, even that of the body could dry out or stretch.


Exfoliation, to remove dead cells and illuminate the complexion

To remove dead cells and stimulate cell renewal, it is important to regularly perform a more or less deep exfoliation. It's not such an unfamiliar passage, but most people relegate it to "when I remember". Regular exfoliation, on the other hand, allows you to eliminate the dullness of the complexion and make sure that the products applied subsequently act deeper, not remaining on the surface. Insist especially on the rougher and harder areas, such as elbows, heels and knees and choose the scrub based on your skin type. If you have sensitive and delicate skin, choose the scrubs, with a softer texture and gentler granules and remember to apply them to wet skin. If you want a more intense exfoliation, instead, apply the scrubs on dry skin and massage vigorously. There are many types of different products on the market but making a scrub at home is really easy since sugar, salt and a few other ingredients are enough.


The moisturizer, not a simple scented body cream

The body cream is a product that everyone in the house has but which is not used constantly as is the case for the face cream. It must be said that there are people who use it every day or after a shower, but there is another category of people who apply it only when they remember or feel like it. And, anyway, often the body cream is chosen only on the basis of the fragrance, so that it perfumes the skin for a long time. It would be necessary to choose the body cream exactly as you choose the one for the face, based on your skin type but above all on the effects you want to achieve. There are not only moisturizing, nourishing or firming creams, three great and classic classifications of body products, but you can buy products with valuable active ingredients inside. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, anti-spot substances, peptides and amino acids are just some of them. A well-balanced cream with excellent ingredients contains functional substances, antioxidants, anti-aging, nutrients, oils, butters and everything that can be used to keep the skin beautiful and healthy, also considering the laziness of the average user who if he already manages to apply only one body product a day, he will have hit the mark.


Targeted treatments to fight cellulite, water retention or stretch marks

Then there is a whole window of products and treatments to be applied in a more targeted way, dedicated to fighting blemishes or skin problems. Just think of creams and anti-cellulite or anti-water retention creams and serums, famous in the summer and that everyone, at least once in their life, has bought believing in the miracle. Nothing miraculous instead, but a pool of active ingredients and substances that help, together with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and a little movement, to improve the tone and appearance of the skin. Certainly they are chosen by reading the INCI (the list of ingredients) because there are many deceptive products, which are nothing more than moisturizers with the addition of a small percentage of plants or other ingredients but which, actually, will never help against cellulite and water retention. What matters is to check that the functional ingredients are at the top of the ingredient list, so that they can certainly play their role.


Not only cellulite, there are also a series of products dedicated to those with blemishes on the body, able to attenuate and lighten them. Or the anti-stretch mark products, which improve their appearance or, if taken early, help to make them disappear completely when they are still in formation, pink or reddish in color. For those who feel tired and heavy legs, the ideal are gels to promote microcirculation, to avoid the formation of capillaries and to give a feeling of lightness, freshness and well-being. Often based on eucalyptus, mint and arnica, they are also suitable for athletes who will benefit from them to alleviate muscle pain, warming the affected areas with a nice massage.


Mud baths, packs and bandages to enhance bodycare

Among the treatments to be used occasionally, however, we find muds, packs and saline bandages, a great help to counteract and improve the imperfections of cellulite and water retention. They are usually performed once or twice a week and are able to deflate, tone, make the skin softer and more compact, with a more uniform color, draining excess fluids, with a consequent loss of weight or centimeters, albeit minimal. The muds are perhaps the best known, most often made with algae, clays, oils and other ingredients, they are left on for half an hour and then rinsed. They are not the most comfortable product to use, because it tends to get dirty and you have to wrap the shutter speed in suits or films without being able to move, but the results, if used consistently, are guaranteed.

The saline bandages, on the other hand, made with epsom salts, help deflate and drain excess fluids, also giving the satisfaction of measuring yourself and immediately seeing a drop of cm, for a boost of self-esteem. The bandages that exist on the market are already impregnated with salts and other active ingredients so just arm yourself with patience and carefully wrap them in the desired areas, leave them in place and rinse.

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