The Voice Senior, Al Bano on his daughter Jasmine: "Wanted by the production"

The Voice Senior, Al Bano on his daughter Jasmine: "Wanted by the production"

After criticism for taking part in "The Voice Senior", Al Bano defends his daughter Jasmine: "Wanted by the production".

The Voice Senior: coach, competitors and conductor

Al Bano Carrisi returns to defend his daughter Jasmine, starring with her famous father of The Voice Senior. The young woman, born out of love for Loredana Lecciso, is among the judges of the show hosted by Antonella Clerici. Passionate about music and already famous on Instagram, Jasmine conquered the public in the first episode of the show, revealing that she is ready to get involved. Unfortunately, however, there was no lack of criticism for the daughter of art who was accused of having been favored by Al Bano. The singer, interviewed by the weekly New, denied this hypothesis, stating that it would be the production of The Voice Senior to strongly want Jasmine in the cast.

"In reality it was the production of the program that wanted it – he explained -. And then the attacks are part of the game. If I think about how many I have received and I continue to receive. The important thing is to consider them as warnings, which in most cases should be avoided, but which sometimes should be accepted. If you are intelligent they can only strengthen you, because they make you understand if you are on the wrong side or if it is the people who are targeting you ”.

Born in 2001, Jasmine inherited the beauty of her mother Loredana Lecciso and the love for music of her father Al Bano Carrisi. For her this is her very first experience as a talent judge. Alongside her on The Voice Senior are Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè and Clementino. “It is the first time that she participates in a TV show where she is one of the protagonists, and she is overjoyed – said Al Bano -. Jasmine is a very mature and responsible girl, I'm sure she will do well. I don't think he will have any problems with help like that of his father next door ”.

To confirm the words of the Apulian singer also Antonella Clerici who spoke of Jasmine Carrisi. "It was not he who told us 'I'm coming with my daughter' – he confessed -. It was me and my group of writers who insisted on Jasmine. We were the ones who begged him to come with Jasmine. I like her very much, I knew she had started making music and we wanted a young element among the coaches. She and Clementino give a slightly light-hearted flavor to The Voice Senior. Jasmine was strongly wanted, I'm very happy to have her because she turned out to be a very nice girl in everything ”.

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