The weather in the morning affects the work performance of the day

The weather in the morning affects the work performance of the day

The presence of the sun tends to put us in a good mood and make us feel full of energy throughout the day, working even better

"What is the weather like"? Every morning, when we open our eyes and look from the window to decide how to dress, look at the conditions of the sky and the climate we are directed.

What we sometimes forget, however, is that although they are not meteoropathic (in this case the weather conditions can even induce or accentuate any disturbances), the presence of the sun tends to put us in a good mood, to make us feel better, to give us a boost. that accompanies us throughout the day. Even the climate could affect professional activities. An original research conducted at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, which appeared in Applied Psychology, makes him suspect.

If the weather is nice, you work better

The study is certainly original and is all focused on the psychological aspect and the impact of weather conditions in determining the course of the day. To detect the situation, in a population of over 100 people, surveys were conducted over several days, administered before starting the working day and at the end of it.

In addition to explaining their psychological condition, the subjects involved also had to fill in the situation of the morning on a simple diaphragm reminiscent of the weather conditions seen on television, with full sun, clouds covering it or rain.

In practice, therefore, the analysis covered almost 500 days of work, relating the time in the morning with well-being at the end of the working day. Result: when you start with the sun the situation looks better the more the sun "smashed" in the morning, the more the employees felt full of energy and satisfied with their work. Conversely, when the weather was bad, people felt more tired and dissatisfied. The climate, in short, can have an effect on our being at work and also in our relationships with others, helping to make us feel more active and not making the fatigue of the day weigh in the evening.

What it means to be meteoropathic

Let me be clear. These sensations are completely understandable on the psychological front and obviously should not be read in terms of pathology. Being sensitive to weather conditions is in fact a very common condition, just think of the pains that are accentuated with humidity or "agitation" that very windy days can create. In short: the sensitivity to the weather is part of the way of being of many people, and does not mean illness.

The situation is certainly different when instead you suffer from real meteoropathies, with pictures that must be diagnosed by the doctor, in which the symptoms and signs of pathology are linked to the change in weather conditions, starting from atmospheric pressure to reach the wind. Real weather conditions can cause psychological and physical symptoms.

But be careful: if when the weather changes, pains, agitation and tachycardia arise as if by magic, it is true meteoropathy. On the other hand, when the meteorological changes increase the annoyances already present, there is only a lot, sometimes too sensitive to the changing weather.

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