These signs are extremely romantic and believe in fairy tales

segni zodiacali credono favole

Tell us the truth: aren’t you one of the zodiac signs who believe in fairy tales? If so, you would be at risk: someone might tell you too many!

It happens to everyone to believe in fairy tales: after all, they have been telling them to us since we were children!
Nothing wrong with believing in stories and all fairy tales that we know to memory: they are beautiful containers that speak of our history and our past.
Everything becomes a little more complicated when yes keep on to believe in tales… Even when grown up!

The zodiac signs who (still) believe in fairy tales: are you in today’s ranking?

The time of snow-white you hate Cinderellaby now, it has passed for you too, hasn’t it?

zodiac signs believe fairy tales

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Our classification from today horoscope is one of those decidedly curious.
We asked the stars and planets to tell us which are the zodiac signs that always believe in fairy tales.
Of course, it is nice and fun to believe in fairy tales as children and even a little when you are an adult. But when you are dealing with a person that still believes in tales in everyday life … we can assure you that there is no happy ending!

Libra: fifth place

To those born under the sign of Weight scale I particularly like the idea of ​​being tough, who don’t believe in anything or anyone.

Too bad that the Weight scale are quite the opposite of this! They believe in all the fairy tales they can imagine and do nothing but live a life with such high standards of romance that it scares everyone. Care Weight scale: you also know that this is reality.

Aquarius: fourth place

There is a reason that those born under the sign ofAquarius they are both in the ranking of the zodiac signs that still believe in fairy tales and in the ranking of the zodiac signs that give excellent advice.

Accustomed as they are to interpreting fairy tales to bring out a lesson, the Aquarius they are people who have internalized fairy tales and always believe that, sooner or later, there will be a happy ending. Too bad that, as in the best fairy tales, the Aquarius slip into the worst situations in the world before they can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Taurus: third place

To those born under the sign of Bull absolutely will not like being in the ranking of zodiac signs who still believe in fairy tales.
The reason is simple: ai Bull like to think that they are particularly angular, precise, square people. With a purpose and a plan!

The reality is really very different: i Bull they are people who believe in fairy tales, believe in love with a capital A and do nothing but wait for their Prince Charming to arrive, possibly astride the white steed. It is useless to pretend that this is not the case!

Cancer: second place

Dear friends of the Canceryou are surprised not to find yourself at the top of today’s ranking, right?
You deserve, however, an absolutely second place “fabulous“.

For those born under the sign of Cancer there is something truly indispensable: the “happily ever after” that accompanies the end of many fairy tales.
THE Cancerafter all, they are really like that: they believe that there will be tragedies and difficulties but they have no difficulty in imagining a happy ending for their (even the ugliest) stories.
In short: they are true lovers of fairy tales and never stop believing in it. This, at times, is not the best: i Cancer they can become particularly obsessive!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who believe in fairy tales

Those born under the sign of Fish win today’s palm in the horoscope ranking zodiac signs who believe in fairy tales.
Well yes, dear Fish: it is you with your head in the clouds and your completely amused way of doing things to be the ones who believe more than all the others still in fairy tales!

Thanks to you Peter Pan And Little bell they are still alive and well (even if, often, you also suffer from the famous one Wendy’s syndrome!).
You Fish you are made like this: you love to look at things from a romantic, fairytale perspective, devoid of concreteness or reality, with the help of spells And magic.
Nothing wrong with that: just remember, every now and then, to put your feet on the ground and pull your little head out of the bubble of magic that helps you move forward in life.
Serve on the land!

Our horoscope rankings are to be regarded as pure and simple entertainment created by us for our readers solely and exclusively for fun.

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