Thierry Mugler, the designer of excess, died: he had dressed Madonna and Kim Kardashian

Thierry Mugler, è morto lo stilista

Thierry Mugler died at 73, visionary designer: unforgettable corsets for Madonna, Kim Kardashian’s dress at the Met Gala 2019

On January 23, 2022, Thierry Mugler, a visionary, eclectic, avant-garde stylist passed away. He made Hollywood dream with his dresses: from corsets made for Madonna to Kim Kardashian’s memorable gown for the 2019 Met Gala, we can certainly say that he has earned his place of honor in the world of fashion. From 1975 to today, the Mugler brand has always been synonymous with alternative fashion: the masterpiece of excess.

Farewell to Thierry Mugler: he was 73 years old

The death of the French designer was announced on Facebook by his agent, Jean-Baptiste Rougeot. “We are devastated to announce the death of Mr. Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday 23 January 2022”. The post, shared on the designer’s official page, was a blow to the heart for all fashion lovers, but not only. Because in his career, Mugler has achieved successes.

Born in Strasbourg on 21 December 1948, Mugler has lived art and creativity since he was a child. In addition to dance, as a young man he suffered the fascination of interior design. His life, however, changed when he moved to Paris: in 1970, he started working as a window dresser in the Gudule boutique. And, in his spare time, like anyone chasing a dream, he designed clothes, followed art courses, researched his own style.

Clothes made for Hollywood stars: success in the 80s

Since he created the Maison Mugler in 1975, his career has been studded with unparalleled success: many stars were enchanted by the beauty of his clothes. To name a few, Mugler dressed Madonna, Diana Ross, Sharon Stone. In the 1980s, everyone on the catwalks dreamed of her dresses: an eclectic style that knew how to stand out and stand out.

“When I was a child, I couldn’t accept the world around me. I dreamed of creating a style of my size, one just for me “. And it is not easy to carry this inspiration, this “intrusive” creativity: Mugler, all his life, has tried to bring it out, to find his place in the world. Through photography and fashion, he succeeded, but let’s not forget that he was also the creator – and the “nose” – of one of the most loved perfumes ever, best-selling in the history of fragrances: Alien.

The clothes for George Michael’s Too Funky video

His research of materials, his attention to eclectic style – a true icon of theatricality – can be admired in George Michael’s video Too Funky, which captured everyone for his fashion taken to the limit, almost to excess, and for this reason indispensable: the breaking of defined patterns.

The dress for Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala 2019

Kim Kardashian’s looks are a guarantee: on the occasion of the 2019 Met Gala, Thierry Mugler had designed a super tight dress for her. A masterpiece of nude and drapery, which forced Kardashian to wear a bustier in order to show it off. Clean and angular, with a decisive refusal towards prints, Mugler’s clothes have always been characterized by the classic “wasp waist”.

Kim Kardashian, Thierry Mugler's dress created for her at the Met Gala 2019

Kim Kardashian, Thierry Mugler’s dress created for her at the Met Gala 2019

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