This simple method will save you 20% on the air conditioner

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We are now in the height of summer and often the heat is really unbearable, so we are inclined to use the air conditioner to find refreshment and here’s how to save money when we use it.

With the high energy prices and the summer heat becoming intense like never before, the only thing we want is understand how to save on the air conditioner.

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Notwithstanding that prolonged use could be bad for our health (because it can cause colds, sore throats and laryngitis, joint and muscle pain, conjunctivitis, digestive problems) and to the Planet (since it increases the concentrations of fine particles and ozone in the air).

Ergo, you should avoid using it for too long, too many times a day. Also, when you turn it on, you should avoid setting the temperature too low.

The ideal would be that it was a maximum of 4 degrees lower than the external one (even less). So try to keep this in mind before using the air conditioning.

Having said that, if we want to use the air conditioner, how can we do it and save money at the same time? Here is a solution that will allow you to spend up to 20% less on your bill.

Here’s how to save money by using the air conditioner

How to save money by using the air conditioner? First of all we should be careful already upstream when we buy it.

  air conditioner save

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All appliances, in fact, now they have an energy label. So you should always orient yourself towards higher classes, which already save you a lot compared to the lower ones.

That said, you can save on the purchase of the air conditioner too taking advantage of the tax deductions provided (which often also concern the replacement of the old system).

These include the Ecobonus (which allows you to have a 65% deduction) or the Appliances Bonus (which will make you spend 50% less).

Always remaining on the purchase, size also plays its part. If the environment is small, just buy one that is proportional to its size, otherwise we will have spent more money in vain.

Likewise, if you have a very large space to refresh and you buy a very small one, you will have to keep it on for a long time to have the desired effect and therefore this could still cost you a lot, in every sense.

Another way to spend less is to remember to close windows and balconies while the air conditioning is on.

If hot air enters from outside, our air conditioner will have to work harder to be able to diffuse cold air, so we will have to keep it on for more time and we will spend more.

Also where we install air conditioners can change everything. They should always be placed high, because the cold air tends to drop downwards, so in this way you can save up to 15% of the energy consumption of the appliance.

It may seem trivial, but in reality maintenance is also essential. If the filters are dirty, they will require more effort from the air conditioner to function properly and thus cause it to consume much more.

Then there is a doubt that grips many people: it is true that can we also save money by setting the air conditioner in dehumidifier mode?

Also, above all in the first 30 minutes of operation, the air conditioner actually consumes less. Then inevitably it will have to start consuming more, since when the humidity has dropped, it will have to use energy to perform its task.

So yes, setting our air conditioner in dehumidifier mode saves us money, but perhaps less than some might think.

That said, setting the air conditioner to the right temperature also goes a long way. As we have anticipated, it should be set at a temperature of 4 degrees lower than the outside (and in any case in extreme cases it is possible to get to 8 degrees lower, but it would still be preferable to stop at half).

Already this trick alone saves about 20% of energy consumption. Suffice it to say that if we all did this, global energy demand would be reduced by 7% during the hottest seasons.

If you want to know the average consumption of an air conditioner, however, here is our guide.

In any case, we always specify that it would be better not to use it when it is not strictly necessary, both for its cost, for our health, and for the protection of the Planet.

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