Threatening Blonde, Patty Pravo bewitches everyone with her voice and her look

Patty Pravo

Patty Pravo protagonist of the special on Rai 1 has enchanted everyone with her memorable style. With her several artists to pay homage

Patty Pravo, the 10 times she has been to the Sanremo Festival

Rai 1 dedicated a special episode of the cycle By popular demand to Nicoletta Strambelli, aka Patty Pravo. Menaccia Bionda, this is the title of the program that Flavio Insinna conducted in honor of the Italian interpreter who appeared in splendid shape and with his unmistakable style that made her memorable.

During the special dedicated to her, many arrived to pay homage to her, with some musical moments including Elio, Nina Zilli, Giovanni Caccamo, Giovanni Allevi and Francesco De Gregori who even dedicated a song to him: Mercato dei fiori, a 1975 song that the singer-songwriter wrote for Patty Pravo and that the two interpreted together on the stage of Rai 1.

Patty's look is as always impeccable and recognizable: important jackets, shirt with ruffles, shades of black as bewitching as her voice, she who has launched several fashions over the years. Patty Pravo is an incredible character and her career is proof of this: born in 1948, she has gone through decades of fashion, trends and musical changes. Originally from Venice, Flavio Insinna was able to describe it perfectly: Patty is like the water that cradles the most famous city in the world, it changes shape continuously.

The singer has been able to continually reinvent her style, she is remembered as one of the main exponents of beat music, songwriting and pop rock. Among his unforgettable hits are The Doll (which Insinna told as a song that despite the success Patty sings a bit unwillingly), Crazy idea, And tell me you don't want to die and Thought stupendous. He has participated ten times in Sanremo and won three Critics' Awards.

Menaccia Bionda is not only the title of the television evening dedicated to her, this is also the name of the book released at the end of 2020 in which the artist talks about himself among shots of great photographers and stories about her life. Pravo has sold a total of 120 million records and is an artist who has always aroused great curiosity and admiration for her unique style. He is much more than a blonde threat: he is style, charisma, a free spirit. Patty Pravo is a real work of art.

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