Tina Cipollari: her husband denies the crisis

Beijing Express: Tina Cipollari in crisis with her husband, the truth

Chicco Nalli, husband of Tina Cipollari, wanted to speak after the many rumors circulating about an alleged crisis of the couple

Tina Cipollari, from Men and Women to Beijing Express and Selfie

Are Tina Cipollari and Chicco Nalli really in crisis? After weeks of rumors and indiscretions, Chicco Nalli reveals the whole truth. Tina Cipollari's husband, tired of reading everything about his private life, has decided to break the silence and reveal the truth.

At the weekly 'In Famiglia', the hair stylist said:

When I read certain things, written by those who are not within our home and therefore do not really know the situations, I have a laugh and a glass of wine. For both, only work, home and church apply. Tina occasionally goes to dinner with her production. But that even the gossips continue: they advertise us a lot. And we enjoy it. All health!

The interview also includes a response to Annarita Cipollari, Tina's sister, who attacked the columnist of 'Men and Women' and competitor of the latest edition of 'Beijing Express' through a public letter to the week' DiPiù '.

There continues to be respect and love among us and especially towards the family project that we have created and that we are carrying out. Tina is a sparkling guy, one who keeps you alive. There is no race with any beautiful girl: she has an edge.

Between Tina Cipollari and Chicco Nalli, therefore, everything proceeds at full speed unlike what was thought:

At home, Tina is more educative and more rigid. But it is also very hen, at times it even risks getting your feet stretched. It is softer with your children than you are used to seeing it.

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