Celebrity Love Story: Tina Kunakey’s Stylish Collection for The Kooples

Tina Kunakey becomes a stylist

Tina Kunakey: From Model to Stylist

Tina Kunakey, the French model known for her stunning beauty and her heart-stealing connection with actor Vincent Cassel, is making headlines once again. Born in 1997, with Togolese, Sicilian, and Spanish roots flowing in her veins, Tina’s journey from the fashion runways to becoming a stylist has been nothing short of remarkable.

In 2017, Tina gained widespread attention when she graced the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier during the spring/summer Haute Couture week in Paris. She described the experience as being in the hands of a haute couture master and feeling entirely at ease. This debut marked the beginning of a promising career in the fashion industry.

But Tina’s talents don’t stop at modeling. Her versatility came to the forefront when she collaborated with rapper A$AP Rocky, starring in one of his music videos. It was a departure from her previous experiences, as she delved into character portrayal and discovered the art of movement and verbal expression.

Now, Tina Kunakey is taking another step in her career, venturing into the world of fashion design. Her debut collection, named “Tina for Vincent,” is set to take the fashion scene by storm in Spring/Summer 2021. This collection, created for The Kooples brand, represents a unique blend of contemporary style and unisex appeal.

Tina for Vincent: A Collection Inspired by Love

Tina Kunakey's Stylish Collection for The Kooples

Tina Kunakey’s inspiration for her debut collection is none other than her husband, Vincent Cassel. Their love story, despite a significant age difference, has been a source of fascination for many. The couple’s magnetic chemistry is undeniable, and their latest venture into the world of fashion as collaborators only solidifies their status as a power couple.

Tina’s collection reflects the essence of her relationship with Vincent. She admits to often “stealing” clothes from her husband’s wardrobe, including tank tops, oversized jackets, and jeans cinched with a belt. With “Tina for Vincent,” she has crafted a wardrobe meant to be shared, comprising around fifteen pieces. These include suit jackets, classic white shirts, and comfortable jeans. Comfort is a central theme, echoing Tina’s own preferences.

The color palette of the collection is neutral, allowing the pieces to seamlessly adapt to both male and female silhouettes. The lines are wide and fluid, emphasizing the versatility of the clothing. The standout piece of the collection is undoubtedly the “Tina Bag,” a leather bucket bag available in different sizes, designed for women who never leave home without their purse.

A Professional Collaboration Born from Love

The decision to merge their personal and professional lives is often met with skepticism, but Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel have defied convention. Their first foray into professional collaboration as a couple was no coincidence. They had long aspired to work together in a professional capacity, sharing experiences beyond their familial bonds.

The opportunity finally arose when Tina partnered with The Kooples, and Vincent eagerly stepped into the role of muse for his wife-turned-designer. The result of their collaboration is a collection characterized by monochromatic, comfortable, and coordinated looks. Their adorableness as a couple shines through in the campaign, reinforcing the idea that true love knows no bounds, including age differences.

In conclusion, Tina Kunakey’s evolution from a celebrated model to a burgeoning stylist is a testament to her versatility and creative prowess. “Tina for Vincent” is not just a collection of clothing; it’s a manifestation of love and a celebration of the unique connection between Tina and Vincent Cassel. This unisex line carries with it the essence of comfort, style, and the enduring power of love.

As Tina Kunakey takes her first steps into the world of fashion design, one can’t help but wonder what other creative endeavors this dynamic couple might undertake in the future. Their story is a reminder that when passion meets talent, the results can be truly magical.