Today is another day, Natalia Titova talks about herself: illness and love for Rosolino

natalia titova

Natalia Titova is a guest in Serena Bortone's sitting room together with her partner Massimiliano Rosolino

Theirs is a beautiful love, born many years ago on the dance floor of Dancing with the Stars: we are talking about Natalia Titova and Massimiliano Rosolino, both guests of the usual daily appointment with Today is another day. Together they talked about their wonderful relationship, then the dancer indulged in some personal confessions.

“We are very similar and we are very competitive” – Titova told the microphones of the Rai1 show. She, a very blonde dance teacher from Russia, managed to break through the heart of Massimiliano Rosolino, a former swimming champion, in a few moments. Galeotto was Dancing with the Stars, for both of them: they met in the 2006 edition, and have never left each other since.

The challenge that year was particularly painful for Massimiliano. Natalia revealed it, recalling their adventure together in Milly Carlucci's show: “I knew that at that time he was preparing for the European Championships. I knew I was killing him, but he said he was fine. This little war between us was a good game “. When they started dating, they both had to overcome various obstacles. "My mom, when she saw him for the first time, said: 'It will be nice, but it's not for you'" – confessed Titova.

For her part, Rosolino "subjected" her to three very difficult tests: "When we first came out she told me she had to test me". And so, Natalia first faced one of Maximilian's best friends, then his parents and finally his sister. And apparently she has overcome every challenge brilliantly, as their couple is now very solid and they have two beautiful girls, Sofia Nicole and Vittoria Sidney.

Natalia Titova then took a seat in front of the mirror, telling something more about herself. Starting from the disease she suffered from when she was very young, osteomyelitis: "I was born with a knee that did not move, they wanted to put a cast on me but my grandmother decided to have me examined by a great professor" – she confessed – "He he said they had to operate immediately because I had an infection that was eating my bone “. Thanks to her grandmother's intuition, therefore, she saw her future shine.

However, his childhood was not the simplest. The doctors had told her that only with a miracle could she walk. But from an early age she underwent immense work: “Sport was forbidden to me, but I grew up in the period of the Soviet regime and I always had to fight, even if I was sick. It's brainwashing, having to be better and move on. I did everything: skating, volleyball, skiing, dancing. I was happy to do it, but I felt that something was wrong ".

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