Today is another day, Sandra Milo talks about herself: the difficult past and love for Fellini

Sandra Milo, guest at "Today is another day", returned to talk about her loves and the great pains she experienced

Venice 2020 exhibition, Sandra Milo radiant in a motorboat and on the red carpet

The daily appointment with Today is another day is renewed, the show hosted by Serena Bortone: during the last appointment we saw Sandra Milo in the studio, who talked about herself in the round. The gorgeous actress has returned to talk about her difficult childhood and grief over her mother's death, but she has also revealed something about her great loves.

She is one of the last, true Italian divas and at the age of 87 she is still a wonderful woman: Sandra Milo recently posed for the cover of Flewid magazine, in a fascinating and sensual shot, which was able to captivate readers. Her joie de vivre is contagious, and to Bortone's microphones she talks about happiness, a difficult topic yet so important to her: “A ray of sunshine that comes in through the shutters in the morning, while I'm in bed, makes me happy. And then my grandson who is 5 and a half years old is very intelligent and is my life ”.

And if today we see her like this, always with a smile on her lips, in her past are hidden dramas that have left a deep, indelible mark. "After the war we lost everything" – revealed Milo. “I lived with my grandmother and a younger sister. I was very attached to my mom, one day I went to visit her in prison and I was able to talk to her through the door, discovering that she was still alive. I was 12, 13 and I didn't know how to go home in the evening, alone in the dark ”. A difficult childhood, spent in what was a devastating period for our country.

But even in adulthood Sandra Milo had to face a particularly painful moment: her mother, when she was about 50 years old, fell ill with cancer and was paralyzed. “She was a woman full of vitality, but she didn't want to live like this anymore. And then he had lost hope "- explained the actress. So it was she who accompanied her beyond life, in a passage that triggered unspeakable suffering: "I have no remorse, I did it with great pain because I loved her so much".

Sandra Milo has had many great loves in her life. She was married four times and gave birth to three children, but she built many more romantic relationships, such as the one with the director Federico Fellini: "He was wonderful, he knew how to read people's souls. I loved him very much ". At the time they were both married, but they still had a wonderful flirtation: "Sometimes great feelings hit you so violently that you can't rebel, reasons aren't worth it. It is not you who have love, it is love that takes possession of you ".

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