Today is another day, Serena Bortone positive at Covid leads from home

Today is another day, Serena Bortone positive at Covid leads from home

Serena Bortone revealed that she is positive for Coronavirus, but does not give up on her show "Today is another day"

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

Serena Bortone also tested positive for Coronavirus, after one of the many control swabs she carries out frequently due to her work on television. The presenter revealed it on social media, and explained that she is ready to move on with Today is another day.

A few hours ago, Serena Bortone wrote a short message on Twitter to inform all her fans of what is happening: "Dear all, like so many of you, I am positive about Covid. I'm home with no symptoms, and I'm going to lead from here Today is another day. Thanks for all the messages you are sending me, see you at 2 pm on Rai1 ″. A few words with which the presenter reassured all those who follow her, saying that she did not show symptoms of the disease and did not want to give up its transmission.

What she has to face is a difficult challenge: in addition to concern for her health, from a professional point of view, Bortone has a task to carry out. Today is another day it turned out to be a very successful show, much loved by viewers. In his sitting room on Rai1 he always welcomes very interesting guests, bringing home interviews that conquer the public. And that is why Serena has decided not to stop, despite all the complications of the case.

On the other hand, she is not the first to take her work home: a few months ago, Carlo Conti, busy with the latest edition of Tale and Which Show, found himself positive for Coronavirus and preferred to continue to conduct his broadcast – even if at a later time he was forced to give way to his collaborators, due to the sudden hospitalization. Serena has therefore not given up, and is back on TV in video link.

On Thursday 14 January the first episode with this new management method was broadcast: Bortone was able to count on the support of Gigi Marzullo, who lent himself to be the master of the house in the studio. "I am a lucky girl because for now I am fine, I can afford to smile" – she explained, before starting the new appointment with Today is another day. In the next few weeks, he will likely remain in isolation to avoid spreading the contagion, but the show will not stop.

During today's episode, the host of the show was Stefania Sandrelli. The talented actress, welcomed in the studio by Marzullo, told herself in the round, retracing her brilliant career from the very beginning. And she let herself go to some more details about her private life: with great emotion she talked about the relationship she had with Gino Paoli, when she was still very young. From their love was born Amanda, Sandrelli's eldest daughter who gave her two splendid grandchildren, Rocco and Francisco. The eldest was the protagonist of a sweet surprise for Stefania, with a video message dedicated to her.

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