Today is another day, Tiziana Giardoni and Paola Barale tell each other

Today is another day, Tiziana Giardoni and Paola Barale tell each other

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The daily appointment is renewed with Today is another day. An exciting beginning, that of the episode of April 16, with the story of Tiziana Giardoni, wanted to bring a memory of her husband Stefano D'Orazio. The Pooh drummer passed away on November 6th.

The soundtrack for the interview was The Girl With The Eyes Of The Sun, which the Pooh drummer had dedicated to a young woman. Her pain is profound, but there is a great desire to talk about Stefano and what he has brought into his life since they met in December 2007.

Known for being a heartthrob until mature age, Stefano D'Orazio has softened up thanks to his Tiziana. These are the words he reserved for Serena Bortone:

“Stefano became romantic with me, I must say that he made me many very important surprises, he made me many very beautiful statements. We used to write notes that we left on the table before going out. I found in a drawer all the ones I had written to him from the time we met until he left me. I didn't know he had kept them ”.

His mission, now, has become to keep the memory of Stefano D'Orazio high and to carry on the many projects he had in mind and which he was about to carry out with his forever friend Roby Facchinetti:

“I want to talk about it in the present, always. Stefano left a lot to everyone, of his profession and of himself. I meet Roby (Facchinetti) every day. We are working on Parsifal, a project that we are about to stage or when we will be allowed ”.

Among the many thoughts he left her, there is one that Tiziana has chosen to keep forever within herself:

“I am sure and I am convinced that my strength is being brought out because you are next to me. This is a phrase that I keep in my heart ”.

Many are the songs of the heart of the 50 years of career spent within Pooh, among which it is difficult to choose: "I love La Donna Del Mio Amico and Parsifal, but obviously by Stefano 25 Springs, who had written to celebrate his parents".

The album of memories browsed by Tiziana Giardoni stops at the first photo, which they took in 2008: "Our first photo was taken in Pantelleria. It was in January 2008 and we had just gotten together. He won me over with his sympathy and his cheerfulness. He had his own way of telling things, he enchanted ”.

And to those who ask her how difficult it is to talk about her husband, she replies: “It was difficult but it helps me a lot, because I would like her memory to be always alive. I want to carry on his projects and his memory because he deserves it, he was a great man ”.

Also unforgettable is the marriage proposal, which he received live on Rai1 during one of the episodes of the Wind Music Awards at the Verona Arena. Tiziana Giardoni tells:

“A beautiful gift. I was the one who wanted to get married but my requests were unsuccessful. I had given up because he didn't want to get married. That evening he gave me this beautiful gift. I cared, because we had been together for 10 years and I wanted to crown this love and give this desire to my parents. Declaring it in front of everyone had a great value ”.

Like so many people in this period, even Tiziana Giardoni could not be close to Stefano D'Orazio but not even to her father, who passed away a few days later: "This is the greatest pain and it is something that I will carry inside me forever, as many other people. It is something that I think is absurd, I understand the precautions but we are in 2021 and the precautions can be applied as health professionals do. I couldn't say hello to Stefano but neither was my father ”.

To remember the great Roman musician, who died too soon, was also the maestro Mazza, his longtime friend: “We united music and fun. We did the things that we enjoyed without posing too many problems. The funniest thing we've done? An episode came to mind in which we were all at Stefano's house, all together. There was Rome-Lazio and we were all Romanists. We were all in the room and, instead, there was Stefano Pantano who is a fan of Lazio. For every Roma goal, we went to him to make fun of him ”.

Tiziana Giardoni has just published D'Orazio's first posthumous novel, Tsunami, which she should have printed at the end of 2020: "When she started working, she didn't look anyone in the face. He often clashed with the publisher because he always wanted to decide. He was very picky but he was always right ”.

The stories of life and friendship continued with the arrival in the studio of Paola Barale and Paola Quattrini. The two friends met by chance and, now, they share the passion for theater that they successfully bring to Italian squares. Paola Barale tells:

“We met and it was like love at first sight. I knew her as a theatrical actress and for me it was an honor. He gave me some wonderful advice and I discovered this streak of madness that unites us ”.

To be comfortable together, the two Paolas do not hide that they leverage a pinch of madness, which they consider as absolute freedom. Many anecdotes pitted in the studio, including the curious one of a boy photographed stealthily during a shower in déshabillé:

“We had to do a show in a festival and we rented a house right above the stage – says Paola Barale – and suddenly I see, from the bathroom window, a boy taking a shower. I investigated and met the father, who confirmed that it could have been his son. So, I called him and apologized for taking a picture of him ".

A special bond, the one between Paola Barale and Paola Quattrini, who dream big and think of a daily streak on television. For the moment, they continue with their show and their friendship, in which there are moments of fun but also of reflection: “We talk about everything, even the most intimate and personal things”.

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