Today is another day, when Red Canzian was with Mia Martini

Today is another day, when Red Canzian was with Mia Martini

Red Canzian, guest on "Today is another day", recalled his relationship with Mia Martini

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

During the new appointment with Today is another day, the afternoon show by Serena Bortone, the presenter welcomed Red Canzian – a historic member of the Pooh – to the studio, who let himself go to a long interview, talking about himself in the round. Between career and private life, the portrait of a normal yet extraordinary man emerged.

During the chat with Bortone, it was inevitable to touch on some slightly more intimate themes. Like the love story that Canzian lived with Mia Martini, a relationship that lasted a short time, but which left its mark. The singer, in the past, had revealed that between him and Mimi it was over at the behest of the talented artist. "One day he said to me: 'I leave you because I'm afraid of being sick if I fall in love with you too much'" – ​​Red Canzian confided on that occasion. And today, to the microphones of Rai1, he returned to the subject.

“She was afraid of happiness” – recalled the Pooh bassist – “It was a big and small thing at the same time, because it didn't last long. And it was absolutely platonic ”. Red Canzian then wanted to tell an anecdote that, once again, tells us about the inner tragedy experienced by Mimì: "I remember a program we did on television when, unfortunately, she was accused of bringing bad luck, which is one of the most obscene violence that can be done to a person. When the final song had to be sung, there was a general stampede. She came close to me and we sang embraced. And if I'm here, it didn't go so bad. I think he was an absolutely extraordinary person “.

Canzian has lived through many great love stories, but in 2000 he married his Beatrice Niederwieser: "We were both married, we were two friendly couples. Those are the things that grow. Love is too strong, it is not something you can manage. Both Bea and I have been ill, because we are two good people ”. On her, he spent beautiful words: “I'm happy because we have made a wonderful family“. When they got married, Beatrice already had a son named Philipp Mersa, while Red had a daughter, the beautiful Chiara Canzian.

It was she who wanted to give him a surprise, connecting live to Today is another day to tell something more about her dad. A great emotion that moved the singer, the same one he then felt when reviewing some images of one of his closest friends, Stefano D'Orazio. The former partner of a thousand adventures with the Pooh passed away a few months ago, but the pain is still alive in his heart: "Every now and then I wake up in the morning and I think that everything that happened on November 6 didn't really happen. I can't imagine someone like him who isn't there ".

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