Tommaso Zorzi and Gabriel Garko, a special friendship after the GF Vip

Tommaso Zorzi and Gabriel Garko, a special friendship after the GF Vip

At the "GF Vip" they had a little clash, but today it seems a beautiful friendship has been born between Tommaso Zorzi and Gabriel Garko

Gabriel Garko, all his loves (real or fictional)

Tommaso Zorzi, the undisputed protagonist of the latest edition of Big Brother Vip, would have formed a special friendship with Gabriel Garko. And to think that the two had met months ago right inside the most spied house in Italy, and it certainly cannot be said that relations between them were relaxed.

Let's take a step back: a few weeks after the start of that incredible adventure that turned out to be the GF Vip, the talented actor had made his entrance to Cinecittà to surprise his ex-girlfriend Rosalinda Cannavò, at the time still known by all as Adua Del Vesco. During their touching chat, Garko had read a splendid letter in which he finally revealed the truth about him, a real coming out that he himself had declared to be a "secret of Pulcinella".

Tommaso Zorzi, probably unaware of the many backstories hidden in Garko's past, had not reacted very well to his words: "As if there was a need" – said the young influencer, arousing a piqued response from the actor. Who could have imagined that a beautiful friendship would be born between them? This is what the weekly Chi reveals, in an exclusive service accompanied by some photos that portray Zorzi and Garko while walking together.

According to the magazine, the two would have met both in Rome and in Milan, where both have their own work commitments. Their friendship was born when, after the end of GF Vip, Gabriel Garko contacted Tommaso Zorzi to tell him his story. The young influencer, thus learning the most painful details of the actor's past, would have apologized for his words. And in this way they would put aside any misunderstanding, giving themselves a chance to establish a bond.

To tell the truth, Who suspects that between them there may be something more: "If we were to ask both of them if their hearts are still dancing alone today, the answer would be dry, direct and precise: no". Tommaso has in fact been single for some time, while Garko has a relationship with Gaetano, a love he has always tried to protect from prying eyes. Has this love story come to an end? The mystery is still dense.

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