Top Dieci, Claudia Gerini enchants and Al Bano gets excited seeing Romina

Top Dieci, Claudia Gerini enchants and Al Bano gets excited seeing Romina

New success for Top Ten: Claudia Gerini enchants everyone with her look and Al Bano is excited by reviewing her performances with Romina

Third appointment for Top Dieci, the new Rai 1 program conducted by Carlo Conti. The conductor was able to entertain, as always, the Friday night audience, with a fun and sparkling show with great TV guests, such as Claudia Gerini and Al Bano.

The transmission is a challenge that sees some of the most loved characters confronting each other in the panorama of Italian entertainment, who test themselves by testing their knowledge on different topics.

This week's teams have seen the ABC team, formed by Maddalena Corvaglia, Al Bano and Orietta Berti (from the initials of their surnames), and the Romans, the group made up of Giancarlo Magalli, Enrico Brignano and Claudia Gerini.

To shine, from the first moment of the episode, Gerini, who chose to wear loose hair with soft waves and to wear a fuchsia dress with an important neckline with a dizzying gap, also shown on her Instagram profile through a photo taken by her daughter .

The actress has enchanted everyone, as well as with her beauty, also with her sympathy and exuberance, stealing the show from all the other competitors.

Obviously there was no lack of comic curtains during the episode: before starting the challenge on the ranking on the most frequent reasons why couples fight, Giancarlo Magalli said: “But Al Bano should not play, it is not valid, he is a graduate in quarrels! ".

Still on the subject of clashes, tickled by Carlo Conti on the conductors with whom he had some disagreements, Magalli replied: "I got along with 99% of the conductors I worked with", slightly embarrassed after the joke of the presenter.

Al Bano was one of the protagonists of the evening, not only as a competitor but also as an "object" of challenge. In fact, he did not remain indifferent to the films in which Romina Power appeared, during the ranking on the greatest hits of the pair of singers. The artist appeared visibly excited and with a dreamy gaze regarding the videos of the old performances. Then, observed by Conti, he played down saying: "Mum, as I was thin and dry, I should get back on track, I am becoming like Magalli!".

Between a challenge and the other, Conti also welcomed a special guest, Loretta Goggi, into the studio, who in splendid shape – and with a platinum long bob that gave her a lot – was told between anecdotes of her life and career , without obviously forgetting to propose his personal rankings.

Also this time Carlo Conti managed to offer a fun and bubbly episode: as a perfect host he managed to involve and entertain the viewers, confirming the success of the last episodes.

Claudia Gerini

Claudia Gerini. Source: Instagram

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